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Remedial Massage
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Core Naturopathics

Core Naturopathics

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We work with the patient, not on the patient.

Remedial Massage

We are in the business of deactivating the trigger points and seeing what can be done to prevent the same postural stresses from re-creating!

Pain, more than any other reason will take you to see a physician (or another healthcare provider).  YOu're searching for answers, help, removal of the pain and advice.

Pain can be mysterious, with no obvious cause, and this is the most worrying of all. Your imagination can take hold, and an ache that is just simply the result of nothing more than poor posture can suddenly escalate into something very serious your mind.

We are here to put those worries at rest and put your body into a state of ease. When muscles become knotted and tense, Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment. 

Using specialised techniques to locate, then repair affected joints, tendons and of course, muscles. Oil is generally used in a session as it allows the practitioner's hands to glide easily and penetrate deeply.

Remedial Massage aids to:

  • Remove toxins in the body

  • Relive pain and discomfort

  • Relax the tenses, knotted muscles

  • Improve joint mobility

Many muscular and skeletal dysfunctions are often addressed with remedial massage. These include:

  • muscle tightness and pain

  • arthritis

  • frozen shoulder

  • tennis elbow

  • whiplash

  • neck and back pain

  • scoliosis

  • headaches and sports injuries


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