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Core Naturopathics

Core Naturopathics

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Servicing area: Wollongong and Illawarra

Health comes naturally to a body in balance

Core Naturopathics

Welcome to Core Naturopathics

At the pinnacle of Natural Healthcare practice in Australia, our practitioners and support staff are passionate and committed to providing you exemplary service in a clinical environment designed to encourage best possible health outcomes.

Located an hour South of Sydney on the East coast of Australia, Core Naturopathics provides a relaxing beach-side clinic destination for a comprehensive suite of Naturopathic health treatments.

From food sensitivity testing and remedial massage, through to innovative technologies like hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia and electromagnetic pulse technology. Core Naturopathics provides guidance, structure and resources in your pursuit of health and well-being.

Specialty Areas:

    • Stress & Fatigue
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Complementary Cancer Therapies
    • Lyme, CIRS and co-infections

    • Detoxification
    • Gut Rejuvenation
    • Menopause

    • Elite Athlete Care

Our practitioners assist you in understanding your illness from a holistic perspective; while monitoring, supporting and guiding you through the minefield that accessing complementary healthcare can be.

Helping to prioritise treatment options, we seek to provide you the opportunity to feel empowered and hopeful when considering the necessary time, money and effort required for your health journey.

We have chosen specific tests, therapies and equipment to assist in rebuilding the foundations of your health where they have become undermined. Providing you a structured and coordinated service that targets energy production, cellular communication, immune regulation, circulation and detoxification capacity – the keys needed to unlock your healing potential.

“After seeing Core Naturopathics for a health concern I had years ago, I was eager to use their service again when another health issue arose recently. Their attention to detail and their ability to explain the science behind their naturopathic healthcare is what makes their services stand out from other clinics. Each time I have had a consultation they have addressed the issue with both education and product, which has allowed me to reach a new level of wellness. I would recommend both Darren and Brett as a naturopath to anyone who is pragmatic about their natural healthcare.” - Karen W

"One of my friends referred us to the most amazing naturopath who specialises in the treatment of children with Autism Allergies ADHD and ASTHMA and digestive problems. Darren is the leading practitioner for the MINDD foundation on the South Coast of Australia." - Alina V



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