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Corporate Bodies

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Welcome to Corporate Bodies

For 10 years we have specialised in providing the highest quality professional corporate massage service to clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. At Corporate Bodies we pride ourselves in providing an experience that is like no other with a quality that is second to none.

Relaxing yet rejuvenating it will leave your staff de-stressed, refreshed and ready for work again.

So to revitalise your employees contact us today!

About Us

Corporate Bodies has been providing professional corporate massage services of exceptional quality to hundreds of clients since 1999 throughout Australia and New Zealand. Comprising a team of fully qualified and insured massage therapists, Corporate Bodies ensures that each of our practitioners are further trained in our unique corporate massage routine.

This corporate massage routine can be performed in 5-30 mins and provides an experience unlike any other. With a specially designed headrest, headphones with relaxing music and an essential oil facial spritz at the conclusion, it transforms the massage into a total sensory experience that is relaxing yet rejuvenating and will leave your staff de-stressed, refreshed and ready for work again.

We can be contacted on our free call number 1800 355 998 or email us on info@corporatebodies.com.

So please do not hesitate to speak to us about any aspect of your business need or contact us for further information.

Our Team

At Corporate Bodies we pride ourselves in providing the very best corporate massage service anywhere in the world, with a level of service and expertise that far outshines any of our competitors.

In order to run a company that is “world-class” I believe in looking after my most important and essential asset: my massage therapists.

To this end I believe in cultivating a team of long serving therapists who not only give a fantastic massage but also enjoy what they do and are proud to be on the Corporate Bodies Team.

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The Corporate Bodies massage experience consists of our professionally-qualified and insured massage therapists giving your employees a fully-clothed neck and shoulder massage.

This includes a specially designed ergonomic head rest or massage chair, headphones with relaxing music and an optional essential oil facial spritz to revitalise your staff after the treatment.

How Does It Work?
  • The service is performed “On-Site” at your business location
  • Sessions are conducted in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute intervals
  • Flexible scheduling options and an on-line booking system
  • Choice of payment options to fit your organisation’s needs.

What Does It Entail?
  • The corporate massage takes place directly through the clothing so no oil is used
  • Performed as a seated massage at the employee’s workstation or in a meeting room at your discretion
  • Includes the use of an ergonomic headrest or massage chair to assist in relaxation and support throughout the treatment.
  • Includes headphones with relaxing music whilst the massage is in progress to enhance the experience.
  • Includes a re-energising essential oil facial spritz after the massage to have you refreshed and ready for work again.


There has been much research on the benefits of massage in the workplace and there is much evidence to suggest that having healthier and happier employees positively affects the companies they work for.

Below is a brief breakdown on the benefits that corporate massage provides.

For Employers
    1. Shows employees that you care about them

    2. Healthier and happier employees inspires morale and boosts productivity

    3. Healthier and happier employees reduces absenteeism and presenteeism

    4. Helps address stress in the workplace and work-life balance

    5. Encourages people to come to work on massage day!

    6. Contributes to a culture of excellence and being considered an “Employer of Choice”

For Employees
    1. Relieves muscle tension in neck, shoulders, back, wrists and hands from the daily use of computers.

    2. Relieves tension headaches and muscle aches and pains

    3. Reduces stress and tension and increases energy and productivity

    4. Improves mental clarity and concentration

    5. Happier employees means a happier workplace!

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