Cottesloe Naturopathic Clinic

Unit 5, Napoleon Close Arcade
Cottesloe WA 6011

Servicing area: Cottesloe, Perth

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Michael Blanch is an experienced and expert Homeopath and Naturopath that is situated in Perth. He established Cottesloe Naturopathic clinic over 20 years ago.

About Cottesloe Naturopathic Clinic

Welcome to Cottesloe Naturopathic Clinic

With over 30 years of experience, Michael is one of the key founders of Naturopathy and Homeopathy in Perth. He is the recent past President of the Australian Homeopathic Association (WA). He has been in this role for over 15 years. Through his lecturing experience in natural therapy colleges since 1986, he has taught a number of younger generations of practitioners.

The philosophy of the clinic is that we are unable to treat any issue as if it is separate from the individual as a whole. We treat individual people, not just their diagnosis; and as a result, we improve their complaints. We strive to sustain that improvement over a period of time, by empowering and encouraging the client to take responsibility for their own health. In all cases the focus is on the individual, regardless of the diagnosis or the name of the disease. This is the most basic difference between our approach and that of orthodox medicine.

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True naturopathy is about optimising diet and lifestyle, not about pills and supplements. Where remedies are needed it is aided by homeopathy, the deepest of all medical systems in my experience.

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