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Krystyna Noah

Counselling & Relationships SA

Collinswood SA 5081

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Providing Practical Strategies for Changing Your Life. Krystyna Noah is an unbiased professional who can help clarify and discuss options. Her solutions based counselling approach seeks to find resolution to stressful and difficult situations in the shortest possible time. She sees clients of all ages offering individual and couple therapy. Issues may include: Personal Concerns, Conflict Resolution Stress, Anxiety & Depression Anger, Grief & Loss Trauma & Childhood Issues Confidence, Self Esteem Improving Relationships, Intimacy & Sexual Issues Marriage, Separation, Divorce Family Issues, Children’s concerns Work Issues, Management Skills & Problem Solving Everybody deserves a quality life, and quality relationships with others. It’s time to put effective strategies into place.

Counselling & Relationships SA

Servicing area

Adelaide, Prospect, Norwood

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Limiting beliefs Frustration Anxiety Anger Grief

Krys Noah is a highly trained Master Clinician and specialises in providing individual & relationship counselling. She is a registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist and is South Australian President of AARC (Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors).

Krys is easy to talk to, approachable, and understanding. She has over 25 years of experience in personal counselling and educating.

She conducts supervision for other therapists and is highly skilled & knowledgeable in many varied aspects of human behaviour and the change process. She assists individuals  and couples to manage their personal concerns by providing skills and practical tools to manage lifes challenges.

Stress and Anxiety

Between trying to balance work, family, friends and everything else, stress has become common in our society. Letting stress alter your lifestyle can cause depression and fatigue.

A recent Psychological Association survey of 1,850 people found that a disturbing 70% of respondents reported having physical and psychological symptoms of stress. The survey had some good news 60% of those polled said they would be motivated to change, including learning to manage stress more effectively, in order to feel better.

Relationship Issues

As President of AARC (Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors SA), Krys has had many years of experience in supervising other therapists and engaging with couples in providing clarity and direction.

Her approach is respectful with regard for each persons point of view. She engages couples with acknowledgement of their present situation and formulates a plan of action to teach new strategies and skills so as to empower the individual to live more harmoniously with the other.

Communication Skills

Good communication is vital in relating to others. Without these skills, continual frustration, misunderstanding and aloneness prevail. Krys helps clients to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility.

She runs Communication Workshops and has achieved tremendous praise for outstanding results. She encourages individuals to take risks and to step forward in expressing their needs and wants in a respectful adult manner.

She also supports individuals who have difficulty in social interactions. She teaches individuals how to approach new situations with confidence and assertion.

Sex and Intimacy

Krys brings enthusiasm and perspective when working with couples experiencing sexual difficulties.

Sex is not the foundation of a healthy relationship; it is a natural extension of a relationship in which giving and receiving mutual support and comfort are common. A great sexual relationship needs to be embedded in a vibrant overall relationship where intimacy is nurtured.

Krys engages couples to review the importance of intimacy in their relationship, being vulnerable with each other and disclosing who they really are.

Self Esteem

Self esteem is an emotion.

It is the degree that we consciously or sub-consciously accept and like ourselves, despite our mistakes and human frailties. It determines what we think about ourselves and how we behave toward others.

Krys uses a number of invaluable tools and approaches to turn negative self talk, and negative thoughts into positive action.

Grief and Trauma

Krys compassion, empathy and caring assist devastated clients to advance through the process of loss & grief. Her gentle demeanour helps clients to open doors to their painful memories and experiences so that healing can commence.

This allows a natural progression of recognition and transition when working through issues of loss, grief, abuse and trauma.

Krys has completed specific courses and programmes dealing with these issues. She has also presented workshops to other professionals.

Anger Management

Krys ability to see past presenting issues is instrumental in connecting with individuals with anger issues.

Anger is a natural and appropriate response to a number of situations including being lied to or otherwise betrayed, and in those times it would be unhealthy not to feel anger and give it a voice. Verbalizing the emotion and working it through is how to relieve the physical and mental stress anger creates.


2 Services

Counselling - Individual & Relationships

Counselling Counselling Online Psychotherapy Online Relationship Counselling
$140 Per hour

Practical strategies for dealing with individual or couple issues.


Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Online
$160 Per hour

Direct hypnosis resulting in positive long lasting changes. Replacing unhelpful habits, thoughts and patterns of behaviour. Releasing of accumulated trauma and anxiety due to presenting issues and childhood pain.


  • Clinical Counsellor And Psychotherapist - Pacfa
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist - Aha (australian Hypnotherapy Assoc.)

Professional Membership

  • PACFA - Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation Of Australia

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