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Patriciah Catley

Servicing area: Narellan, New South Wales

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Your health is your most important asset in your life.

Speak to someone who will support you.
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Discuss issues with someone you can trust, who gives you guidance with your relationship, someone who can stop that feeling like the ground is slipping from under you. Someone who understands your situation.

Developing self-awareness, a relaxed state of mind, emotional well-being and a positive approach to life.

I AM YOUR ROCK, working together you can find solutions to resolve issues and become stronger and healthier.

Escape the symptoms of anxiety, stress, ibs, phobias, depression, insomnia, relationship issues, trauma, and addictions.

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About the Therapist

Patriciah Catley

MACA (CPC),RMASCH, Dip. Counsell,
Dip.C.Hyp.,Supervisor ASCH/ACA, Mentor,

Patriciah has had years of experience, with extensive training and study in many fields. She has kept up to date with current practices and methodologies.Recently completing a psychology degree at university. Patriciah being the principal therapist conducts one-on-one sessions with you.

Patriciah has served on the board of the New South Wales Counselling Association. Understands alternative therapies and is a Reiki Master. She has a deep understanding of spiritual and tribal ways. Also Patriciah supervises other colleagues in counselling and hypnotherapy giving them support and guidance.

Patriciah has knowledge and skills, making her a proficient and capable professional.

Develop your own personal power
and direction in life


I have been seeing Patriciah Catley for sometime now for Trauma,Anxiety and Phobias and other health issues. Through the counselling and hypnotherapy my life has changed so much.

There was a time when for almost 11 years due to trauma I was unable to go shopping. I had anxiety attacks before leaving the house ,everyday life was a struggle I was also a very nervous person and lacked confidance in my self to do things and I also had a history of IBS from the age of 17, for many years I took lots of medication, but all that has changed now for me. My doctors are amazed at my recovery, I have had regular blood tests done and there has been vast improvements even I am surprised.I now am living a very normal life I suggest anyone with medical or any other problems to seek Patriciah Catley's help.


I have been a client of Patriciah Catley’s on and of for over five years, in that time I have gone forward with my confidence, my spiritual growth, learned to do what’s best for myself in my relationships.

Hypnosis was instrumental for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer whitch helped me face the three operations and chemotherapy that was ahead of me, it helped me with pain management and I was able to remain calm and very positive about my future.
Thank You Patriciah.

Love Mary.

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