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Tania Ham

Castlereagh NSW 2749

Servicing area: Castlereagh NSW 2749

Transform Your Life:

Learn how you can create a life that is bigger and better than you have ever imagined

Tania Ham, Your Transformation Specialist

What Is Country Karma All About?

My name is Tania Ham, and I am a Transformational Specialist. I have found myself to be a highly motivated person who is driven by my pure passion and commitment to creating a positive impact in this life by guiding people like you in not only resolving your issues and limitations but also helping you to overcome obstacles that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

My ultimate goal is to help you create a life that is bigger and better than anything you could ever have imagined. With my help:

  • You can live a life that is genuine to your principles and spirit.
  • You can live a life where you can build whatever it is that your heart desires.
  • You can live a life where you take full advantage of your nearly unlimited potential and greatness that has been within you all this time.
  • You can live a life that you will truly and deeply love with all your heart that you will not even think of needing to get away from it.

You can do this by taking full advantage of the services that I provide. You will find that each of the services I deliver is for you and is about you. Every one of my services are individually designed, developed, and created with the purpose of not only helping you to overcome whatever it is you need to surmount but also lead you towards the direction you want for your life.

Know that it is my true passion, honour, and privilege to be a part of your transformational experience.

What Services Does Country Karma Offer?

I offer different types of therapies that can help you transform and manage:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Fears and phobias
  • Removing mental and emotional blocks
  • Weight loss

To help in your transformation, I offer a wide range of services which include:

  • Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC)
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Life Purpose Readiness (LFA)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Reiki
  • Energy healing
  • Spiritual healing
  • Crystal therapy
  • Remedial massage
  • Aromatherapy

You can undergo a combination of these therapies depending on your specific needs and goals.

Request your booking now so we can start transforming your life.

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