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CAROL PERRY - Certified Hakomi Therapist & Professional Development and Insight Meditation Teacher

Lismore area NSW 2480

Servicing area: Lismore area, New South Wales

CAROL PERRY - Certified Hakomi Therapist & Professional Development and Insight Meditation Teacher
Mind/Body Psychotherapy for Individuals and Relationships;
Professional Development & Meditation Retreats
"Hakomi...reaches as deeply into the body as it does the mind, and by reaching for both, touches the soul."
Ron Kurtz (Founder of Hakomi)

CAROL PERRY - Psychotherapy

1. Mind/Body Psychotherapy - Hakomi

Are you seeking:

  • relief from persistent painful emotions and behaviours

  • a deeper understanding of yourself and others

  • greater freedom to choose what you do

  • greater pleasure in everyday living and

  • richer, happier relationships.

“It’s great to have a therapist! Someone who is on your team and has no agenda.”

Hakomi mind/body therapy is a respectful and sensitive approach.

Using the mind/body process you access and work with a special state of consciousness called “mindfulness”. With mindfulness you reach beneath your everyday habitual responses and experience the freedom to choose fulfilling, life-affirming paths.

The Hakomi Method will help you with:

stress and anxiety - go beyond the symptoms, and release the deep and unconscious causes

crisis work - with respectful sensitive support you discover what you really need and find greater freedom to respond

fears and phobias - find freedom by uncovering the hidden source of your fears

self-worth - discover the difference between your story and a state of openness that sees freshly and finds fulfilment

anger - experience ways to hold anger and reflect rather than being blindly driven and overwhelmed

couples and interpersonal issues - Discover how your deep vulnerabilities, fears and reactions, get in the way of connection. Get in touch with your needs and unique resources

trauma - trauma is not a life sentence. Overwhelming experiences can be transformed

depression - rediscover the aliveness and goodness of your own heart; bring a sense of fullness and choice back into your lifespirituality - open to a larger sense of being

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