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Clare Dawson

Wilson WA 6107

Create Build Transform

Yoga Meditation Counselling

Looking for some mental health and wellbeing support but cannot even identify a goal or find a peaceful place to identify your deep needs and dreamd and make them reality?  Being a Counsellor is not just about supporting you to tap into your in built resources to create the life you desire, it's about creating a whole of life wellness strategy honoring what you have, with what you've got - right from where you are.

Create your story, Build your dreams and Transform your life

Create Build Transform

About Me

I come from a family of wide cultural diversity my story is long and large and entirely penned by me, yet today I am a blank canvas ready to paint, weave and create my story …”I did this, then I did this, then this happened”. Every part of that is dependent on my cultural understanding, my freedom to speak and be heard and the most crucial part of my life and my story the ability to dream, transform and live a full life.

Yoga is my life and the techniques of mindful movement, deep relaxation and stress release underpin my counselling and coaching therapies.



Qualification Details

BA, Sociology, Dip Ed, AIPC, AILC, Cultural Competency
Yoga Practitioner

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