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Susan Mayfield

Self Hypnosis Stress management ...

This practitioner is currently unavailable.

Susan has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 25 years and has also been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2001. Reiki classes available now, private or small group ~ find a date that suits you.
Susan is well qualified through her experiences in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Reiki and energetic healing to find the best way for you to overcome your challenges and reach your personal goals. All problems have a solution and Susan will help you find it!

Susan Mayfield

After completing your Reiki attunements ~ ongoing Reiki Shares are held in Manly for those who have completed their Reiki 1 upwards and wish to give and receive Reiki with other's an incredible experience and long term support for your journey into Reiki healing.

Reiki Classes for Level 1 and 2

Reiki is hands on "Energy Medicine".
Effective for stress reduction and deep relaxation it also helps the body to heal on all four levels - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.
Reiki is the name given to the method of channeling Universal Energy that is guided through the giver to the receiver. Reiki relaxes both the giver and the receiver! People, pets and situations can all benefit from a Reiki treatment. To become a channel of this Reiki energy you don't need a Spiritual belief or knowledge of energy. Once you experience Reiki for yourself, you understand!

Level 1
class or private attunements...... $260
student concessions available
includes Instruction, attunements, manual, Certificate

Level 2
class or private attunements..... $350
student concessions available
includes tuition, attunements, manual, Certificate

Level 3 Reiki Master by arrangement

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Positive changes can be made by accessing your subconscious mind through hypnosis and rewriting your old automatic behaviour 'scripts'. to be what you decide is appropriate for you in your life NOW. Program your goals into your automatic subconscious mind and the change becomes your new reality.
Deeply relaxing, hypnotherapy is an easy and very pleasant way to achieve your goals! You are always consciously aware, you are always in control. You are taking command of your subconscious mind ~ real self empowerment! And everyone can be hypnotised, it's easy once you understand and experience it for yourself.

Private sessions
$150 first session
$90 any other session required
Number of sessions required can vary from 1-4. It's always up to you!

Self Hypnosis training ~ learn to put yourself into hypnosis when you need to. Great for sports, work stress, exams, public speaking, childbirth, visits to the dentist and almost any situation where you want to be in control of nerves, pain, and acheive best results for yourself regardless of circumstances and past experiences.
$380 3 x 1.5 hour sessions

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Qualification details

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dip Hyp, Dip Advanced Hyp (Aust)
Dip Master Hyp (USA), Cerrt Weight Control Specialist (USA)
Diploma Weight Loss Practitioner, Medical Register of Australia
Cert Positive Psychology, Medical Register of Australia
Spiritual teacher, Mindfulness Coach, Energetic healer
Guest Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator
Cert IV TAA40104
Reiki Master, Teacher since 2001 - all Levels

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