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Judith Gordon Creative Arts Counselling

Judith Gordon

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Judith Gordon Creative Arts Counselling

Judith Gordon Creative Arts Counselling

Welcome to Judith Gordon Creative Arts Counselling

Sometimes when life gets challenging it helps to talk to someone who can support you in coming to some understandings about your experience. Feelings of being overwhelmed, confused, stressed, anxious or depressed may be a part of life, but when they begin to intrude it may be time to seek help in understanding what these feelings are about and what to do about them. Counselling or therapy with a trained practitioner can help you do this. Please follow the links to find out about counselling for children, adults, families and groups.

About Judith Gordon

MA by supervision (ECAP), BA, Dip T
Qualified Member ACA

I am a Creative Arts Therapist, Drama facilitator and educator. I have had many years experience in creative arts and English education, facilitation of creative arts therapy workshops with groups (workplace, education and community) for team and group development and leadership and goal setting, individual private counselling and professional supervision of Post Graduate students.

In counselling I use creative arts therapeutic processes which always begin in the present and allow clients to inquire into their own experiences in a gentle and supported way.


  • Individual counselling sessions (adults, children/adolescents)

  • Therapeutic support for Arts Therapy students

  • One off or ongoing program of group session of creative arts therapy – small group works together around a chosen theme they would like to inquire into (using a range of modalities and materials). Suitable for workplace groups, school groups, support groups with a common concern.

Why Seek Counselling?

People seek counselling for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes it is to gain help following a difficult experience such as the loss of someone or something or a challenging event. Other times it may be just a general feeling of being unsettled, unfocussed or unhappy. The important thing is that the therapist is there to help you and to listen and companion without judgement.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Creative arts therapy is a style of counselling intervention which uses creative, arts-based processes with clients, to facilitate self expression, communication, self awareness and personal development. Creative modalities used by creative arts therapists include visual art, clay work, dance/movement, music, narrative, drama/psychodrama, creative writing/poetry and sand play therapy. Much of your session may also be verbal as you discuss with your therapist some of the thoughts and feelings that have emerged from your engagement with the arts.

It is essentially an inquiry or journey into making sense of our experiences and coming to some understandings about them. This form of inquiry is based in respect, compassion and commitment. It's about the therapist being a companion for the client and in doing so helping them to discover more about what is happening for them. Creative arts therapy is particularly useful for people who may be struggling to articulate their experiences and feelings as the arts can provide a way in. Children and young people often respond well to this form of counselling as it is non-threatening and offers them options about how to explore what they need to.

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