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Creative Kinesiology

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Creative Kinesiology

Sound vibration has a harmonising effect on the body's energy field, promoting healing, reducing stress, improving sleep and balancing the emotions. Join the mailing list and stay tuned for up-coming sound journey events!

Creative Kinesiology - Sound Journeys

What can I expect in a Sound Journey?

All that is required of you is to make yourself comfortable lying on the floor with blankets, pillows and eyebags. For the next hour or so let go of the pressures and worries of the world and journey inwards, allowing the power of sound vibration to do it’s work. I work intuitively with limited guidance, giving you the space to receive what is needed. Sound journeys are often reported as "timeless" experiences, where you feel transported beyond the limitations of your body and mind.

Sound Journeys can help you to:

  • Experience deep relaxation

  • Feel lighter and at peace

  • Balance your emotions

  • Gain clarity and insights

  • Promote healing

  • Improve concentration

  • Connect to your inner wisdom

  • Harmonise your body’s energy field

"The sound healing was an amazing experience. I felt rejuvenated after the session and had a wonderful nights sleep. I felt my week flowed and I seemed to deal with issues with clarity." - Veronica

"Sound journey was a blissful experience of meditative relaxation which enabled me to connect to my wise inner voice.." - Marketa

"Sound healing was amazing - the energy release was profound" - Lisa

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Listen to Marianne's CD/Sound Journey "Where I Belong"
"Where I Belong" is a unique sound journey, taking the listener on a ride through the mystery and home to the heart. Listen or buy now here

Qualification Details

AKA Registered Kinesiologist
Dip.Holistic Kinesiology (College of Complementary Medicine)
Applied Physiology: Muscle monitoring, Flower Essence Hologram, Chakra Hologram,
Vibrational Healing Systems 1,2 & 3
Reiki levels 1 & 2
Cert IV Training & Assessment
Certified Yoga of the Voice Practitioner
Working with children check

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