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Creative Empowerment

Joanne Burke

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Creative Empowerment


Creative Empowerment exists to support individuals in reconnecting to their innate inner wisdom and creativity; to access the knowledge and strength to heal and live the life that their soul is longing for them to live. 

About Jo

Jo is the inspired individual behind 'Creative Empowerment’ – a space she was motivated to create to support others on their journey to empowerment.



What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing works with the subtle energies of both the Universe and the body that influence and affect us.

Experience the release of overwhelming feelings and emotions that limit our daily life. Clear negative thought patterns, ways of being and relating to others. Shift stubborn patterns of existence.

Energy healing involves healing on a deeper more profound level.

Intuitive art session with Jo

An intuitive art healing and reading with Jo is a unique and transformative experience. Gain insight and understanding into the world of energy that we live in. These sessions are a creative exploration of the energies of the self - part reading and part healing,  where information and healing transpire through the process of stripping back the layers to the heart; a journey of self-love.

Jo will connect with your energy and that of your ‘spiritual team’ (divine beings that provide support for you such as Guardian Angels, Spirit guides, loved ones, etc.) messages from this realm will be given to you in a reading format.

She will also create an individual intuitive artwork that captures the healing energies from the session, the artwork is yours to keep, to continue the energy healing. The intuitive artwork and session will be uniquely guided and tailored for you.  

What is Reiki

Reiki is an ancient method of energy healing. Reiki re-establishes a normal flow of energy (Chi) within the body to heal on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our physical body is sensitive to the energy of thoughts and emotions. When we experience negative feelings or thoughts, develop negative thought patterns and beliefs, or experience a physical or emotional shock, this affects our energy field, creating emotional and physiological blockages that eventually disrupt our health.

Reiki assists the body in releasing stress and tension.


Intuitive art classes

Connect to your all knowing self
and allow this divinely inspired part
of you to flow into the world, uninhibited and free.

Learn to tap into your intuition. and allow your higher self to take you on a divinely inspired journey. Illuminating your inner world and using the language of art to express the essence of your soul.

No art experience necessary.

Tuesday 10am – 12.30 pm

Learn to meditate (beginners)

Learn to quiet the mind and calm the body in a safe, fun and relaxing environment.

You will be guided to release tension and stress from the body with easy practices that everyone can do.

Learn techniques to allow the mind and body to relax, take the stress out of relaxation.


Become conscious of the subtle energies of your body (Vital Life Force or Qi) and tune into the body's innate ability to self-heal. Jo will guide you through gentle practices to assist in calming the mind, body and spirit.

Regular Qigong practice has many health benefits and among other things can increase energy levels, happiness and general well-being.

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Qualification Details

Art Teaching  
Bachelor of Art Education (Hons) 1999
Reiki Qualifications  
Reiki 1 2010
Reiki 2 2012
Reiki 3 2013
Master 2014
Theta Healing  
Basics 2013
Advanced 2014
Open Sky Qigong & Meditation  
Level 1 2014
Level 2 2014
Level 3 2016
Open Sky Qigong Facilitator 2016
  and ongoing
First Aid Qualifications  
Basic, Emergency & CPR First Aid 2018 - current

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