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Shirley Cassin

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I see wonderful results by running Metatronic Energy through clients. This energy removes any negative or painful emotions that remain with you from any situations where you have experienced feelings like rejection, abandonment, humiliation, anger, fear or betrayal.

Metatronic Energy

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Geelong Region & Distance Healing Available

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Grief Emotion code Motivation Love Brain integration Stress management

Metatronic Energy is used to restructure and balance the Energy System and to empty the Chakras of retained, unnecessary information and Energy signals. In other words, it removes the stories that you carry within you, that help to make you ill. Metatronic energy is instant, however it may remain in your energetic system for up to 72 hours while it gently dissolves lower grade emotions. It is subtle, and yet very powerful in its effects. You will notice you are able to revisit certain painful situations that would normally raise a certain negative emotional response in you, but now you will be less reactive.

When the body becomes imbalanced Conventional Medicine focuses very strongly on adding to the body, as opposed to Energy Medicine which focuses on removing the imbalance on all levels from the body, mind and spirit.

Metatronic Energy is gifted by Archangel Metatron and I feel very blessed to be able to work with and share this energy.

To heal, your spirit and your will must work together To heal effectively, you need to address the source of illness or negative emotions, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. I believe dis-ease is a physical manifestation of negative emotional wounds, that have been suppressed over time. This is usually done because they are to painful to deal with, or we are to young to emotionally process what has been said or done to us. Our physical body stores emotions in different organs, and illness can help us understand which emotion we are holding onto that is making us sick. Our lungs for example store grief.

The Human Energy System includes an Energetic Body and a Physical Body. The bodies interact on an inseparable level and what happens in one is reflected in the other. Feelings of not being loved or understood by your family, fear, anger, stress, trauma, negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions are all toxic to your health and can suppress your Immune System. If you learn to focus on the lesson a particular incident or illness has come to teach you, as opposed to the pain and hurt, which is the physical manifestation of it, and you are willing to forgive yourself and anyone else involved, then it is possible to be free of the physical manifestation (illness etc).

You must heal from within. If you are not willing to forgive yourself and others, you can become stuck in victim consciousness, and the only person being punished is you. To move forward, you must first let go of the past and stop looking back. When we open our heart to healing, we can remove the pain that obscures the harmony and knowingness of the Soul that resides within. I combine Crystal Healing with Metatronic Energy to support healing on all levels.

The teachings that I initially received pertaining to Archangel Metatron and his very high vibrational healing energy, was with Medical Intuitive Carmel Bell.

Your Session - $190 ( 2 hours)

Geelong Region or Distance Healing Sessions Available

  • Crystal Therapy Healing
  • Psych - K
  • Flower Essences

    *Each session runs for about 2 hours and you receive a bottle of Flower Essences to work with to support your vibrational healing.

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  • Psych-K Advanced & Pro Facilitator
  • Certified Emotion Code & Bocy Code Practitioner
  • Advanced Crystal Practitioner
  • Esoteric Healing Level 1 & 2
  • Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Metatronic Healing Practitioner
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences Levels 1,2 & 3 & Childrens Essences



9 Services

Emotion Code

Energy Healing
$190 Per session

Uncovering and releasing trapped emotions or inherited emotions.

Body Code

Energy Healing Kinesiology Spiritual Healing
$190 Per session

Uncovers underlying causes for imbalances and releases them quickly and easily. These may be pathogens, trapped energy, circuits and systems, negative energy, organs or glands imbalanced, beliefs, systems or meridians etc etc.

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