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PSYCH-K helps you to quickly and easily communicate with your subconscious mind, and while using methods of whole-brain integration, change old self-limiting beliefs and allow new self-enhancing ones to support you in just minutes! PSYCH-K is based on many years of split-brain research, also know as Brain Dominance Theory.

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PSYCH-K is a user friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind and change the print out of your life. By accessing the whole brain state, which is achieved through muscle testing and engaging the higher self, we have the ability to work with both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. This gives a new perspective to life by elevating thinking beyond normal levels of consciousness.

Studies in neuroscience indicate that we are only conscious of 5% of our cognitive activity, the remaining 95% is driven by our subconscious. Our subconscious is responsible for controlling all involuntary processes, digestion, heart rate, breathing, walking and also is where our beliefs are hard-wired. What this reflects is that 95% of our behaviours, etc are stored in our subconscious mind, which we cannot consciously access. So we are in the back seat of the car so to speak, while our subconscious chooses our direction.

These beliefs that reside in our subconscious, make up our hard-wired, automatic and habitual programming. This is why affirmations, positive thinking, willpower and motivation are usually not effective, reliable or long lasting to achieve goals or change, as they are not impacting or communicating with the subconscious. The old counselling formula of insight/awareness plus willpower equals change is limiting, as even when we are up to our eyeballs in insights, we can still fail as conscious commitment does not always overwrite subconscious beliefs. It is easy to become disheartened after we have applied so much effort and the results don't appear or don't last.

The subconscious is like the computer hard drive where all our beliefs, both positive and negative are stored. What we need to do is line up our subconscious belief with our conscious goal through the whole brain state, to achieve the desired outcome. The NEW DIRECTION BALANCE works to configure the body the way the subconscious mind knows it needs to be for a belief to be unblocked and re-written. Affirming a new positive statement while in this position, educates the parts that are in resistance to this belief, and does so through the filters of the whole brain integration process. While in this posture you can't think of this old belief the same way as you used to. Now both hemispheres of the brain are having an input which stops you from over associating with either hemisphere. The whole brain state links masculine and feminine consciousness, intellect and intuition, logic and emotions and science and spirit. Imagine what we can achieve if we are working with all of our abilities instead of half of them in any given moment. The PSYCH-K Balance is a process designed and created in 1988 by Rob Williams, to create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This will enable you to connect to your "full response potential" in meeting life's challenges. Now who wouldn't want that!!

Most of our beliefs (95%) are thought to have been formed by the age of 7. The first 2 years when we are in the brain wave state called Delta, we are really just downloading everything from our environment with no filter in place. What you see and hear in your environment, even if not directed at you, can be stored as a belief as you download these messages as truths. These form our beliefs about our self and direct our actions and behaviours, which we think are conscious choices but are in fact driven by our subconscious programming. When we go into the brain wave state called Theta, from ages approximately 2 to 7 we are in a very suggestive state to everything we are told and that we see and experience. This of course can be great, as when we touch fire and learn that it burns, we don't usually do it again. Not everything we learn is a positive life lesson however, and some of the things we see and hear are not for our highest good, but can shape us for the rest of our life, hidden in our subconscious driving our beliefs. It is said that your minds most deep-seated programs are formed at the Theta state, being ages 2 to 7.

When you come to work with this amazing, fast and effective tool for change, we will discuss what it is you would like to be different in your life. If you have goals you may be having difficulty manifesting, self limiting beliefs that dis-empower you and any issue you would like to address, I assist you to make these changes a reality. The change can be instant, and you will be able to observe changes in your behaviour very quickly. The PSYCH-K process is very powerful and empowering, and it is very exciting to see results so fast. For more information on Robert Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K and author of PSYCH-K The Missing Peace In Your Life, go to www.psych-k-.com


Thank you Shirley so much for sharing your PSYCH-K skills with me, I am eternally grateful. After 40 years of emotional eating, I am finally the one in charge of what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat. I had almost given up hope after Psychotherapy , Counselling, Hypnotherapy, will power, self help books and you name it failed to help me. Thank you for the feeling of peace and pride in myself that I have now connected to. Sally, Geelong
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Uncovering and releasing trapped emotions or inherited emotions.

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Uncovers underlying causes for imbalances and releases them quickly and easily. These may be pathogens, trapped energy, circuits and systems, negative energy, organs or glands imbalanced, beliefs, systems or meridians etc etc.

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