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Complementary Therapies include Crystal Therapy & Coloured Light Treatment 

Crystals & Wings

Complementary Therapies

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are naturally powerful substances that have been used for thousands of years in healing. I am passionate about working with the beautiful energies of crystals and using them to help empower clients to help heal their body, mind, and soul. Crystals have electromagnetic power-or-electric properties that connect with our own personal DNA. Using crystals, we can intensify the human electromagnetic field-or aura-that exists within us, crystals will assist in the clarification of thoughts and channel healing energy. Crystals will also be beneficial by restoring emotional balance, improving your intuition and creativity.

Coloured Light Treatment

This treatment uses the Cryxon® Crystal Lamp and treatments will range from 9 minutes up to around 40 minutes. This treatment works by shining a beam of light through crystals that are attached to the end of the machine. 5 different crystals and 8 different coloured lights to work with depending on what you are dealing with.

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Crystals & Wings

Welcome to Crystals & Wings   The aim of Crystals and Wings is to provide an environment of peace and tranquillity, a place to come into and be able to just destress and recharge the batteries.

Crystals & Wings

Alternative Therapies provided include Bowen Therapy, Past Life Therapy, and Psychic/Medium work. 

Crystals & Wings

Reiki has been called the healing energy of love and forgiveness. This is a powerful non-invasive form of self-healing.

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