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Are you having problems understanding your child? Is your child having problems fitting in to school or home life? Does your child exhibit psychic abilities? Or exhibit behavioural issues that you find unusual or difficult to deal with?

Crystal TranceFormations - The Starchild Directives

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Perhaps he or she will benefit from working with his or her Starchild Directive, and taking the specific remedy designed to help balance an under or over-active state. Some of the issues which may be addressed by the Starchild remedies are:-

*Fear of the dark *Behavioural issues *Grief & Loss *Psychic development *’Umbrella illnesses’ (ADD, ADHD, Autism) *Bedwetting *Dreaming *Empathic *Intuitive *Emotional issues *Resistance to learning *Discord *Unbalanced *Bullying *Balance of mind and emotions *Relationships *Clairvoyant *Clairsentient *Claircognisant *Clairaudient *Depression *Withdrawal *Overly emotional *Authority issues *Escaping the world *Mind Flashes *Feeling of not fitting in.

The following information from The Liquid Crystals website explains the Starchild Directives:


These are the Children of Light, called Starseeds, Indigo Children and Crystal Children, they are newly incarnating beings that are coming to earth to help in the shift of consciousness that we are currently moving through.

These amazing beings are spiritual and highly evolved, often struggling with the ways of Earth life and physical structure. They are emotional as a consciousness, where as we are more mental. We have created a world to suit us, a world that clashes with them. We both learn in different ways, us by thought and them by feeling. Due to this, many souls involved in the first waves of incarnation were blocked and isolated, even given drugs to make them ‘normal’.

The reality is, they are normal and cannot easily fit into the abnormal world we have created over many years of mental domination. The time of emotion is upon us now and the Children of Light have come to aid us to rediscover the true path of feeling and ultimately the Atlantian Way of Oneness.

In the Liquid Crystals we have many remedies to help them on their missions, the two most commonly worked with being The Combination remedy ‘Starchild’ and the Single Remedy ‘Moldavite’.

The more recent addition of specific remedies for each of the 11 Starchild Directives makes their life so much easier.

Please call Sandy on 0466 988 303 for an obligation free chat, this may be just what your child is looking for.

*Starchild Consultation, includes remedy $100

For more information or to make an enquiry contact Sandra today!!

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