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CHINESE ACUPUNCTURIST & RELAX-REMEDIAL MASSAGE & PAMPERS Registered Acupuncturist, qualified in Remedial Massage; specialising in Relax-Remedial & Sports treatments. 20 years of practice, with focus on supportive healthcare & inspiring energy in my clients/community

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Motivation Circulation Headaches Pain relief Lifestyle Facial

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  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports & Relaxation Massage
  • Chinese Medical Massage
    • Acupressure
    • Cupping
    • Spooning
    • Moxa
    • Ear candling
    • Therapeutic Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Patent Herbal Formulas
  • Energy/Spiritual Healing
  • Pamper Facials & Foot tretments; packages
  • Corporate Mobile Massage



Registered Practitioner: with Chinese Medicine Registration Board (VIC)Member Of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Asso. (AACMA)

Chinese Medicine can be applied to various health issues including;

  • Muscular & spinal pain and discomfort
  • Injury
  • Digestive upsets, nausea, chronic pain
  • Headaches, tension
  • Stress
  • Insomnia, restlessness, confusion
  • Menstrual distress, pain & bleeding
  • Fertility & Pregnancy
  • Weight management
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Traumatic stress release
  • Emotional resolution
  • Motivation
  • Depressive illnesses & Healthier Lifestyle Development Strategies

N.B With the assistance of your doctor, drug withdrawal and reduction can be assisted.



  • 1st visit ~ $90/80 (1 hr)
  • Standard: 1hr ~ $90/80

Massage & energy Therapies

  • 1 hr ~ $150/90
  • 1hr ~ $90/80

Ear Candling

  • 1hr ~ $80


  • 1 hr ~ $130/80
  • 1 hr ~ $80
  • 1/2 hr ~ $55


About The Practitioner
Julianna is a highly intuitive massage therapist, acupuncturist and light worker. Shes had extensive experience in the spiritual arts, having practiced yoga and meditation for over a decade. With an intense passion for emotional wellbeing and clarity of the mind, she dedicates her studies in this area. Physical illnesses and injuriy recovery are of interest to her in the healing process; with an open minded approach given to all sessions. Treatment benefits work to support the healing of the body systems. Modalities practiced include: Massage (Suction Cups; Spooning, Ear candling), Acupuncture, Patent Herbal Formulas, Energy healing and Stretch therapy.

Chinese Remedial Massage & Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been used for thousands of years, A natural form of healing. It is a safe and increasing mode of healthcare for a wide range of conditions.

Treatments aim at preventing disease, affecting the underlying causes of illness, provides drug-free pain relief and is an integrated , holistic approach to healthcare mind, body and emotions.

Acupuncture establishes a state of health by supporting daily activities and stress levels more effectively. It is based on the principle of energy pathways (meridians) and acupuncture points along these channels, to rebalance and harmonise the flow of energy (qi) for optimum well-being. When the levels of qi corresponding to each meridian is free-flowing the bodys organs and tissues are nourished and function well. Disease and illness result from a blockage or interrupted flow to the meridians.

Chinese Remedial Massage or Tuina applies the energetic pathways of acupuncture, using acupressure, suction cups, cooling and warming techniques and, stretches. Cupping therapy or suction cups, grip to the skin to relieve and reduce muscular problems, spasm, aches and pains.

Cupping therapy is also used therapeutically to circulate the blood and lymph system throughout the body by utilising the flow of energy along the meridians. Gently applied to the back and shoulders, the cups can also be placed on the arms and legs as required. Initially the cups may feel tight; however, after a few minutes they release their hold and are quite comfortable. Cupping has been used to reduce muscular problems, spasm, aching and pain. It improves the circulation, detoxing and increasing the immune system. Hence, its often applied at the beginning or end of a cold/flu to lift the immunity effectively.

Therapy may combine with remedial massage techniques and acupuncture, leaving a lasting impression. The suction created by the cups, leave red circles on the skin for 1-2 weeks before completely fading away. But the therapeutic effects are worth it. Take the time to book a session with a cupping therapist to experience the difference.

More on: Acupuncture & Chinese Remedial Massage
Acupuncture forms a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), alongside Chinese herbal medicine, healing exercises, breath work and massage. All prescribed for the maintenance and repair of internal/external problems and for the healing process.

An established art dating back to ancient Chinese cultures, acupuncture has become a reliable healthcare system in modern times; one that has proven its effectiveness in clinical practice. Repeated treatments may be required to resolve or ease symptoms of illness and unrest, yet even after the initial treatment, the energetic pathways begin to flow easier. Physical improvements are common over a few sessions.

TCM is founded on the energetic principles of Qi (life force energy), which is directed along the pathways, known as meridians. Theres an intimate relationship between the meridians and body tissue, organs and emotions, all combining to form a holistic approach.

Needles are single use, fine and sterile; with sensitive individuals being able to choose an even finer type for added comfort; particularly on initial sessions.

Initial sensations of acupuncture and acupressure include a dull ache, tenderness, tingles, numbness and warmth; around the point of insertion. All are commonly known as the Qi or energy flow of that meridian being stimulated or adjusted. Of the hundreds of acupuncture points that exist, up to several hundred can be used regularly to re-establish balance in the body. Hence, we can realise how integral our thoughts, actions and postures are affected by the meridians ebb and flow.

Corrective exercises are used to re-adjust breathing habits and postures along with activities that can facilitate recovery.

If suffering from a persistent complaint, general discomfort, distress or any injuries or trauma, as well as stress; come for a visit and be guided gradual into recovery.
Acupuncture is a preventative medicine which also works to improve current health stasis and maintains a strong immunity towards disease.

Be aware that sessions often result in pleasant feelings of well-being and euphoria, such that clients will need a moment to sit and relax before driving etc. away (for your safety).
And always have an open mind.

Energy Healing ~ channelling the universal healing energies for stress reduction, emotional support and better health. Inspired through a series of energetic attunements to facilitate spiritual healing and increased clarity on the journey.

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