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Cuddle Melbourne

Sarah Alexander


Cuddle Melbourne

Connecting with heart is life's purest pleasure!

Imagine receiving quality time centered around platonic touch & being present for you.

All are welcome.🏳‍🌈

Cuddle Melbourne

I have people who ask me everyday, "Can Platonic Touch Sessions REALLY Help Me?"

Absolutely! Yes.


Preventative self care is simply the most important investment for your health. It reduces cortisol and increases social and human connection.  We are wired for belonging and skin was one of the first organs developed in the womb, it's no wonder why we go "touch hungry," because our need for touch for survival predates our birth.

Social connection needed for healthy living.

Loneliness is emerging as a national public health crisis, with recent studies suggesting it is detrimental to our physical and mental health.

Not only does loneliness increase the risk of anxiety, depression and suicide, it significantly increases risk for premature mortality.

There's Hope.

That's where cuddles come in!

If you have been living with:

-Managing anxiety and depression

-A struggle to communicate boundaries, needs or wants

-An experience of having  your agency taken away

-Abuse, or resulting trauma, whether it be sexual, physical, psychological or emotional

-Low self esteem or struggling with body image

-A feeling of turbulence during life's transitions

-Managing constant stress and workloads

-Chronic  health concerns or suffering  from illness

-The constant struggle to find your voice

Please allow me to help you in a one on one Cuddle Session.


Cuddling sessions are beneficial to your health and well-being.

Sessions are consent based and client lead. The sessions are not clinical at all (like a massage or doctor's appointment) or treatment oriented where you have something "done to you."

The sessions are personalized in that you have an opportunity to share what you want with the option of receiving it!  They are a truly a beautiful, relaxing, experience with a personal touch which we co create!

A session with me can help you take meaningful steps to a more positive  relationship to your body, your self care, and to other people.


If you're tired of living a life devoid of connection, which is lacking meaning begin the simple practice of asking for what you want, today. 

Reach out to get in touch for your first session. A new life is waiting!



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What does a Certified Cuddlist session look like?