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Daisy Cross

Daisy Cross
Daisy Cross

Daisy Cross is an inspiring Speaker, Blogger, Women's Mentor, and Coach Attitude + Meditation and Instructor of Yoga.

Daisy Cross - About

Passionately inspired to uplift and direct visionaries and young women to share with the world their genuine message and gifts.
Daisy's talks are based on a beautiful text called 'A Course in Miracles,' the empowerment of women, and Compassionate Activism.
During a very stressful and delicate time in her life Daisy discovered meditation at the tender age of 17. From a young age, she preferred Western philosophy, yoga and mental purification practices against pharmaceuticals, instead.
While completing a degree in Environmental Science, Her travels and inspired mind led her to sit down and study the yogi path with teachers in India, Thailand, and China, and of course she started teaching and sharing the dhamma.
Her research and journeys took her to extreme poverty, social inequality and the interests of the environment and animals, and of course she started a career in humanitarianism and welfare.


  • Women's Mentorship and Leadership
  • Workshops
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Meditation

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Daisy Cross - About