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Dana Buczek

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Dana Buczek - Nutrition Weight Management Program

Servicing area

Glen Waverley, Victoria and Australia wide online

Focus areas

Parasites Tissue salts Bloating Diarrhoea Love Digestive disorders

Nutrition – Weight Management program

We create individual weight loss programs, focusing on nutrition and detox that best suits you.

Also, we are using the ‘glycaemic response,’ which if applied correctly, will help you control your weight. The key to losing weight successfully and keeping it off, stems from an in-depth understanding of how the body produces, uses and controls glucose. The glycaemic response, in a nut shell is the amount and speed of glucose entering your blood stream after eating carbohydrate food.

Also we are working on the hypothalamic set point program to help control your weight management.   As a strategy, we are working on the possible subconscious sabotage programs. Stress management programs such as environmental, physical, emotional, nutritional, electrical, suppressions, fears, Negative Self-Reaction and Negative Self- Behaviours. Also we are addressing toxicity such as general detox or specific detox (urinary tracts, healing the guts, improving digestion, toxic cells, teeth, fatty Liver). Also we are especially focusing on the inflammation, hormonal balance, allergies and infections of the body.

As an additional support, we are using ‘Practitioner Clinical proof ranges’ products such as: Metagenics, BioMedica, Eagals, Orthoplex , MediHerbs and  GR2 Control Weight Programs, which have been researched and developed and fully endorsed by the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board and Global Science Network.

We apply herbs, vitamins, supplements, homeopathic, flower essences, tissue salts, shakes for meal replacements and specially customised individual diets.


“I lost 22kg and it was so easy thanks to Dana’s weight loss program. I love my new body and so does my husband.” Janelle, Ivanhoe Vic.

“At 113kg, I was obese, overweight and very unhappy. So I asked Dana to help me with my weight. I’ve now lost 30kg and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dana.” Matt, Ivanhoe Vic.

“After my pregnancy I had put on a lot of weight. But with help of Dana and her weight management program, I was able to lose 10kg in 3 months. I had a new lease on life, having no craving for junk food and I thoroughly enjoy my exercise now.” Ann, Doncaster, Vic.

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