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David Freeland DTCM, CTCM, C Ac

About David Freeland

Welcome to my site

I have been caring for people  for over 33 years with traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I combine the styles of Chinese traditional schools of acupuncture and the gentle Japanese Meridian Therapy approach  to find what suits your individual needs. I often support my acupuncture treatments with tuina - Chinese massage therapy - which I also vary to suit what you respond to. I also prescribe Chinese herbal medicines.
I base my practice on long training:

1977-80: 4years of private traditional training

 - I trained for 4 years in a small private class first, under a traditional master of an ancient school of Acupuncture and Tuina.

Then between 1981 and 1985: Another 4 years of formal college training

- the then new 4 year, full time diploma course at the NSW College of Natural Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine - the first course in Chinese medicine of such length and depth in Australia, teaching herbal medicine as well as aducupuncture in depth.

In 1984, 3 months in China, practising under supervision in a Chinese outpatient clinic in the lovely city of Hangzhou. This was part of the NSW College course.

In 1992 I spent a further 3 months in China, studying both acupuncture and herbal medicine further. I have continued professional development ever since with seminar-based training, including Meridian Therapy under famed Japanese master, Masakazu Ikeda, and with three decades of clinical experience.

I have also taught at a Master Degree level at the University of Western Sydney.

Special Interests:

For 3 decades, I've pursued a special interest in muscle and joint injuries and disorders. Other major professional interests are in women’s health; pregnancy; birth preparation; seniors’ health;  post-surgical recovery; emotional health; stress.

Please note that the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine within these fields vary from condition to condition and from case to case, so you may want to know more detail once you come for treatment.

Please feel free to contact me or make an appointment to discuss your needs and whether Chinese medicine is suitable for you.

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CBD Health

Phone: (02) 9299 1311
Level 1, Suite 103
343 Geroge Street Sydney 
New South Wales 2000
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Miranda Clinic

Phone: (02) 9524 4620
Fax: (02) 9525 9998
Suite 22, Level 2, Southpoint Tower
19 - 21 Central RD
Miranda NSW 2228
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