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David Hall Massage Therapy

David Hall

13 Payne St
Mt Louisa, TOWNSVILLE QLD 4814

Servicing area: Mount Louisa and all Townsville suburbs.

David Hall Massage Therapy

I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE YOU THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY REMEDIAL MASSAGE IN TOWNSVILLE. I specialise in remedial massage (incl. sports/deep tissue) and musculo-skeletal therapy but also offer other therapeutic massage. HICAPS/Health Funds and credit cards/EFTPOS are available. I have 28 years experience and am fully qualified. Other services include Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Corporate (seated) and mobile massages, postural assessment and ear candling. My clinic is centrally located in Mount Louisa, Townsville - no more than 10-15 minutes drive from most suburbs. You'll find out why my slogan is "The WOW Factor."

Townsville Massage Therapist - David Hall

Welcome to David Hall Massage Therapy - "The WOW Factor"


Every first time remedial massage client with me receives an extra 40-45 minutes FREE with their first visit. I guarantee you the MOST INFORMATIVE and BEST VALUE FOR MONEY REMEDIAL MASSAGE IN TOWNSVILLE. Many people wonder why they kept going to other physical therapists and put up with common pain for so long (with little or no result) when I show them what’s actually been causing it!

FOR MASSAGE THAT WORKS! You won't be disappointed!

Have you ever had a massage and thought "Is that it? Is that all there is?" Maybe you received a relaxation massage when you wanted a firm and deep massage to relieve sore muscles and/or headaches/migraines. Or maybe it was so deep and hard you felt like you'd been run over by a truck. I'll guarantee you won't be disappointed with my massage.

That's because I'll advise you and give you the type of massage you NEED to achieve the result you are seeking while working within YOUR pain tolerances.

I am fully Diploma of Remedial Massage qualified and offer HICAPS/Health Fund receipts and credit card/EFTPOS facilities. Gift vouchers are also available, including by email with over-the-phone credit card payment.

As a musculo-skeletal therapist, I look at the "big picture" and take a range of factors into account.

For example, if pain anywhere is your problem, does your therapist:
• Give you a full body assessment to determine where problems are actually starting, not just work on your symptoms (where you feel sore)?
• Check for alignment issues like feet, hip or jaw that may be the actual cause or contributing factors to your problem areas?
• Get your hips level before the full hands-on massage starts, to activate the body’s various interactive self-healing processes?
• Explain and discuss with you a range of potential factors (eg neuro-lymphatic) that may be contributing to your muscle/joint problem areas or headaches/migraines..
• Undertake or recommend stretching or exercise therapy or discuss possible nutritional aspects?
• Do all the above and still give you a full hour (or the time you actually book for) on the table?'

I do.


    • Remedial - Deep tissue and stretching


    • Swedish - Relaxing


    • Lymphatic - Gentle/detoxing


    • Sports - Pre/post competition


    • Pregnancy - All stages of pregnancy


    • Corporate - Seated massage


    • Myofascial Release - No oil, deep tissue fascia stretching


    • Muscle - Flexibility & strength testing


    • Postural Analysis - Checks postural/structural alignment


    • Ear Candling - Cleanses ear canal


    • GIft Vouchers


    • Mobile Massage - Exceptionally limited, and extra charges apply. No hotels/motels or high rise apartments.


    • Student, Defence, Pensioner and BNI member discounts



    • By appointment only.
      (Most weeks - subject to change)
      Monday to Wednesday 8.30 am to 9 pm
      Thursday 9.30am to 9pm
      Friday 9.30am to 6pm
      (Very Occasional) Saturdays 8.30am to noon
      Mobile massage is extremely limited. Hotel, motel and high rise apartment visits not available. An extra $55 call out fee applies for mobile massage.
      Closed full Easter weekend, all public holidays and where public holidays create a long weekend.


    • Please call 07 47746973, text 0438774819 or email for a booking.



    • Guaranteed best value for money
      One hour - $105
      Half hour - $58
      75 minutes - $115
      90 minutes - $130

      An extra $55 call out fee applies for mobile massage. Cash only as credit card and HICAPS facilities not available with mobile massage, but written receipts available for Health Fund claims.


    • My prices are based on my qualifications, experience, competence and level of service. (Would you expect to pay the same for a just-graduated junior doctor/GP as you would for a highly experienced medical specialist?)


    • The time you book for is the time you get ON THE TABLE



      • Muscle and joint pain relief/healing.
      • Increased flexibility.
      • Sport/event preparation/recovery.
      • Reduced headaches/migraines.
      • Injury rehabilitation.
      • De-stressing.
      • Detoxing.
      • Better sleep.
      • Less Asthma symptoms.
      • Fewer jaw issues (eg clicking, clenching).

      ABOUT ME

      Massage is my passion. I am a former journalist and newspaper owner/editor but gave that away in 2006 to follow this passion full time. For more than 28 years I have massaged people of all ages and from all walks of life and occupations, including elite sportsmen and women and many Defence members. Using my extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and massage experience, I have developed a special FIVE STAR postural assessment. In less than a minute, I can tell you virtually every muscle in your body that will be tight, sore, strong or weak and contributing to your problem areas – even before you get on the table. In most cases you will be totally unaware of these.

      I don’t just focus on the SYMPTOM of your problem areas (where you actually feel sore or tight). I assess and look at the BIG PICTURE to also identify and determine the origin/cause and/or contributing factors and include those in the treatment. If you’ve ever wondered why some physical therapy practitioners want you coming back week after week, it’s often because they only address the SYMPTOMS!

      Whatever time you book for (eg one hour) is the time you receive ON THE TABLE, not from when you walk into the massage room to when you are walking out the front door!


      • Guaranteed best value for money remedial massage in Townsville.
      • Effective treatments that WORK.
      • Extensive skills, knowledge, experience and level of service.
      • Fully qualified and competent.
      • You get a comprehensive massage - feet to head.
      • Free postural assessment and other quick tests to identify problem areas.
      • HICAPS and other Health Funds.
      • Credit card/EFTPOS facilities.
      • Member of professional industry associations.
      • Centrally located in Townsville.
      • Most new clients come from word of mouth referrals from other satisfied clients.
      • Other therapists refer clients to me.
      • I make you feel relaxed and comfortable (male or female).



    • Go to my main website and click on the Reviews and Articles pages.



      • Every muscle in the body has an opposing muscle. When muscles contract, their opposing muscles must release. People often feel pain in particular areas (the SYMPTOM) because those contracting muscles have to work harder than they should against OPPOSING muscles that are too tight (the CAUSE) - but may not feel sore. These OPPOSITES also apply to SIDES of the body - left v right, front v back, up v down, in v out. Eg. if you feel sore on the left, it's often because muscles on the right side are too tight!

      • The ORIGIN of many common muscular and joint aches and pains (eg back, neck, shoulder, leg, knee pain, etc) can be traced back to feet, hips or jaw being out of alignment. Has any other physical therapist checked all three of these for you?

      • If you are a sports person, gym/exercise enthusiast or Defence member wanting to recover from heavy workouts or are preparing for a major competition or event like Defence BFA/CFA, you need a thorough REMEDIAL MASSAGE from a qualified remedial therapist - not the relaxation type massage you would normally get from a day spa or beauty therapist.

      • If you mention headaches or migraines are among your problems, does your therapist check if you have bent toes - and explain to you the possible connection?

      • The brain controls all functions of the body via the nerves. Virtually any nerve can be impinged if the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint - TMJ) is out of its correct alignment - so good nerve signals may not be getting through to particular functions. TMJ issues are usually caused by tight muscles elsewhere. So you may be getting muscle or other pain anywhere in the body - including some problems you may think are of a "medical" nature - that result from nerve impingement at the jaw joint.

      • Even when the actual cause of you pain is already known to you or easily identifiable (eg disk damage, torn muscles, broken bones, physical deformity, etc), various other tight areas or misalignments of the body you are not aware of (such as one hip higher than the other) may be aggravating the problem or slowing the healing processes. Remedial massage and assessment by a competent therapist can help identify and minimise the effects of those other factors.

      I'll explain all this and much more during the EXTRA 40-45 MINUTES YOU RECEIVE FREE with your first visit. Give me a call NOW to make a booking on (07) 47746973 or mobile 0438 774 819.

      Don't be confused with massage types

      Many people confuse the terms REMEDIAL massage, DEEP TISSUE massage and SPORTS massage when what they actually need and want is REMEDIAL massage.

      SPORTS: If you are a sportsperson, gym or exercise enthusiast, you don't necessarily need SPORTS massage. Sports massage, in its truest context, is 10-15 minute pre- or post competition massage. However, a sports masseur should already be a qualified remedial masseur as sporting injuries may be involved.

      REMEDIAL: REMEDIAL massage is DEEP TISSUE massage but deep tissue massage is not necessarily remedial. Competent REMEDIAL therapists work deep into the soft tissue but also need to look at the big picture and take into account ALL the OPPOSITES (mentioned above) and muscle imbalances and skeletal misalignments throughout the entire body from feet to head.

      DEEP TISSUE: If a therapist focuses on just one side or aspect of the body (eg back of body or neck and shoulders), that is DEEP TISSUE massage. Deep tissue massage on its own may bring significant relief with problem areas by releasing the tight muscles in those areas, but remedial therapists should also try to identify the actual origins/causes of those problems and treat those areas - even though they may not originally have felt tight or sore to the client. If you remove the cause, you will remove the symptom.

      MUSCULO-SKELETAL THERAPY: This covers more aspects than just getting you on the table and giving you a remedial massage. A musculo-skeletal therapist will also give you a postural and other assessments, and may perform various stretches and/or recommend stretching and exercise activities, discuss various nutritional aspects as they may relate to your musculo-skeletal problems, and possibly use some techniques from various other modalities (eg lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, joint mobilisation, neuro-lymphatic points, etc) as part of the treatment.


Qualification Details

Over 28 years experience as a massage therapist
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (massage instructor)
Certificate IV of Massage
Certificate III of Massage
Remedial Therapist Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia (formerly known as Australian Association of Massage Therapists - AAMT)
Associate Member of North Queensland Primary Health Care Network
Member of BNI (Business Networking International) Focus Chapter
Written and published over 100 comprehensive articles on massage.


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