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David Lomman

David Lomman

Marine pde
Biggera Waters QLD 4216

Servicing area: Gold Coast/Australia/Worldwide, In Person or by Phone/Skype/Zoom

Focus area: Telehealth

You Can:

  • Gain freedom from depression
  • Release from anxiety
  • Outgrow trauma and PTSD

At the same time gaining energy and overcoming tiredness and fatigue.

I regularly help clients get out of pain naturally using simple naturopathic and specialised hypnotherapy processes.

I have found through my experience as a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist, Mens Group Facilitator and Speaker and Advocate for Mental Health Naturally that most conditions can be treated without drugs once true causes have been found and released.  

You can get out of pain hell or off the medical merry-go-round when you follow proven, simple solutions.

To get started on your better health journey call me on: +61 412 202 953 or email me: david@davidlomman.com

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David Lomman

I help Clients gain Freedom from Depression, Release from Anxiety, Outgrow Trauma and Overcome PTSD, Low Energy and Fatigue with simple practical steps and processes.

David Lomman
Marine Parade,
Biggera Waters         Qld 4216
Phone +61 412 202 953

Are You Ready to Step Into a New Life?

In a world of INCREASING HUMAN DISEASE & PHYSICAL UNWELLNESS, mental problems, emotional stress and lack of spiritual wellbeing, IS PHARMACUETICAL MEDICINE really THE WAY TO GO?

Pills, pills and more synthetic medicines may prolong BUT DO THEY HEAL?

and MORE IMPORTANTLY is it the answer for YOU?



Stuck wondering how you will get physically better, overcome anxiety and the depression that sets in when your body and mind are not well?

WHAT IF PLANT BASED medicine, and NATROPATHIC approaches did MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE to YOUR physical wellbeing?

WOULDN’T YOU want to give it a TRY?

After all, SCIENCE HAS PROVEN your body requires many things to keep it alive and well. FAILURE TO GIVE IT THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS leads to breakdown and disease.

It is that SIMPLE!

I have found in the majority of cases nutrient and natural ingredients work BETTER THAN SYNTHETIC medicines and have LESS SIDE AFFECTS! A WARNING THOUGH: DO NOT GIVE UP ANY MEDICINES YOU ARE TAKING until you are feeling better and no longer need them.


There are many TECHNICAL TERMS to describe what a NATURAL MEDICINE, PLANT APPROACH & BALANCE OF LIFE will do for you! Some of these are explained below.

In simple terms it is about feeding your body (system) the right things like vitamins, minerals, foods with energy and much more and this in turn fixes physical aliments, heals disease and rejuvenates the body, assists mental and emotional health (which can be a result of body chemical deficiencies) and even has a spiritual impact when the body is working 100% effectively.

I have found you can overcome PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Low Energy and Fatigue, get out of pain and have your life back.

Just as thousands of other men and women have done.

I use solution oriented practices proven to bring physical, mental, spiritual and emotional relief.

My tools are: Naturopathy, Specialised Hypnotherapy, Orthomolecular Nutrition, RBTI Analysis,(Urine & Saliva Analysis), Life Coaching, Client and Practitioner Workshops.

During my 30+ years in the natural health field I've learned many natural therapy techniques. And use my years of experience, my intuition, skills and knowledge to design programs assisting clients to break through barriers and restrictions to overcome pain and suffering.

“I'm ready to assist you into a healthier and more satisfying relationship with your body and your life. I feel we are here to assist each other to love ourselves, our bodies and the life we have chosen to live.

Acceptance of yourself leads to happiness, inner peace and stability. Through my own experience and the experience of working with others I know this is nearly impossible to do alone. Therefor I offer my guidance to help make your journey a little easier.”
Treatment options will be chosen for you based on your individual need. I believe it is essential to use a reliable and reproducible body, mind, spirit, awareness approach.

Helping you overcome desperation, pain and heal from issues including ptsd, depression, anxiety, tiredness and fatigue and most other health or wellness challenge.

Have a health concern you would like to treat naturally and without drugs? Have a Naturopathic Consultation and learn how you can balance your body naturally. 

Natural Therapies

I use and recommend natural therapies that are safe and reliable, to help clients into wellness and physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

This involves working on diet, the physical body, the mind, the right type of exercise balanced with the right amount of rest, clearing emotional stuckness left over from times past, current day stress or trauma, as well as nutritional supplementation to help with all or some of the above.

My belief verified by my work with thousands of clients is, an imbalance in any of those areas will impact on your body and your life.

Some of the therapies that we may use or recommend include and are not limited to:

  • RBTI Analysis
  • Spiritually Based Interactive Hypnotherapy
  • Body Mind Harmony
  • Orthomolecular Nutrition
  • Counselling, Cognitive Therapy and Psychotherapy
  • Personalised Coaching
  • Body Work Therapies (Any type of body work to help turn on and rebalance your body.)

  • Diet changes that are based on your profile and metabolic type. That is, the diet that can quickly help return your body to better health. This may involve elimination diets and even short term fasting. It will depend on the RBTI Analysis, presenting symptoms and your bodies’ needs.
  • Supplementation: This may involve supportive Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Food Supplements, Herbs, Homeopathics, Flower Essences etc. which have historically been able to help people with similar symptoms to yours or which may be depleted or less than adequate in your body.
  • Calcium Powders are used to feed the liver to give it the raw materials it needs to enable it to rebalance and keep your pH stable. The Calcium Powders that we use are specifically aimed at rebuilding the liver. Over time this allows the body to return to a healthier state.
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The Human Condition

You as a Human Being are a mixture of 4 major dynamics and I believe all symptoms and diseases come out of disharmony in one or more of these dynamics.

Physical: Firstly and above all you are a physical being; otherwise there would be no point in being human. When you neglect your physical reality you begin to create disharmony in your body.

Causes such as incorrect diet for your body, too much worry from the mental side, emotional stuckness with old buried emotional issues that haven’t been resolved or simply that you are not making the most of your reason for being here on earth. Imbalance in any of these areas can lead to physical symptoms.

Your physical body needs the right amount of water, the right food for your metabolism, the best intake of Enzymes, Minerals and Vitamins to enable you to live without worry or mental overload, to have clear emotional energies and to be working towards true happiness in following your spiritual path.

To be balanced physically you need to be pain free, with a spine that is in alignment, having the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, cells and even the atoms in the body in balance and harmony with your environment. That environment may be home, in relationship with your family and loved ones or work colleagues or in whatever space you choose to inhabit in your daily life.

Physical symptoms are an indication there is active disharmony in your life somewhere. To restore physical harmony involves looking at all areas of your life to find out what needs to change to restore what is missing or needs rebalancing.

Failure to do this can often lead to disease

It is hard to put into words what my sessions with David Lomman have meant to me without sounding ‘corny’ or ‘over the top’. I am both a very independent person and someone who came to David with previous experience of other therapists. This becomes relevant because in February 2006 my body took over and I was struck down with a fairly rare autoimmune disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). I was paralysed from the chest down within a matter of days. Despite a month at the RNSH in the ICU and 4 months at the Royal Ryde Rehabilitation Hospital, I was still functionally very limited several months later after returning home. A friend suggested that, in addition to the other things I was doing to promote my recovery, I make an appointment to see David. I must admit I did this with some apprehension. I knew nothing about hypnotherapy but also did not want to leave any chance to promote my recovery untried.
I have been having fortnightly sessions with David now for over a year. In that time he has impressed me with his insights, skill and humanity. The actual sessions have been very different from my previous therapeutic experiences that were primarily in the head. What has made David’s approach so powerful for me is that he incorporates both head and body. With David I am, for the first time, learning to listen to my body. Emotional issues are being resolved that I had thought were long gone. As far as the GBS, he is helping me to both overcome the limitations others expect me to accept and realise the gifts that this experience has brought into my life. I feel incredibly lucky to have met him. With his help and support I am increasingly getting my life back.

Jane R.

Mental: This involves the thoughts and thinking processes that are either positive or negative for you. Any negative thoughts such as worry, self recrimination, beating yourself up, constant inner criticism or judgement, doubts about your worth or even constant fear of what is happening or has been diagnosed can lead to a further weakening of energy and mental stability.

Restoring balance to your mental self may involve any and all of the natural therapy practices. All thoughts involve the use of energy and any energy expended in this way is less energy available for your healing.

I have been working with David for 2 years and in that time I have moved from fear, uncertainty and doubt to a calm confidence about myself and what I want. I was a mess and with David's reassuring approach I discovered that I had nothing to lose and all to gain, so I simply thought that if I'm going to sort myself out then I owe it to myself to let go and trust myself and David. David's techniques are simple, effective and non-manipulative. Once you realise this you will discover that the internal barriers to clear thinking and inner confidence wash away.

I thoroughly recommend David to anyone who is a bit lost and needs a compass to find his or her way home.

John F.

Emotional: That is anything that affects your feelings. How have you coped with the trials and ups and downs of your life? How have you dealt with those feelings and how much of your true emotional nature can you own and use in your life.

When David first hypnotized me I felt a deep state of bliss that lasted for at least a day afterwards. I was so impressed by the results I went to California and enrolled in a one month course to learn more. Since that time David has been my coach, teacher and hypnotherapist. I have referred at least half my staff and many of my friends to him. He has brought his skills masterfully to each person – tailoring every intervention to the current needs, state and objectives of the client. My own experience has been uniformly positive.

I have been to see David with health issues, with personal relationship issues and with business issues and always walked out feeling better and with a clear way forward. David’s techniques are varied and for some people may be confronting. They do however work. For those on a growth path David is a great healer, teacher and guide.

Margot Cairnes
Chairman Zaffyre International

Any childhood trauma can lead to coping mechanisms that don’t work in adult life. Most fears and addictions come out of those traumas and unresolved emotional issues and it takes a lot of energy to hold those old emotions in check. This again means that there is less energy available for your physical processes and healing at the physical level.

Safely and appropriately releasing anger, fear, sadness, grief and any other stuck emotions frees up a lot more energy for healing and rebalancing your physical body.

Spiritual: You are living a spiritual life. Whether you are aware of it or not. When you are on track spiritually you will be living or moving towards living a great life with lots of inner happiness, enjoyment of other people, work life balance, dealing with stress in an appropriate way and being fully aware that you are responsible for your own health.

  • If you aren’t in that space yet then you may be off track in your Spiritual Life.
  • There will be a cause which may involve aspects of any of the other dynamics.
  • Perhaps because you aren’t serving your true purpose in life.
  • You may have made the pursuit of money or being successful your god.
  • You may have become too frightened to speak up or to stand up for yourself in an abusive relationship.
  • You may have denied your feelings and become stuck in your intellect or be too emotional and not be able to control those emotions and take effective action to enhance your life when appropriate to do so.
  • These are just a few of the possibilities.

Disharmony in any of these systems can create and lead to ongoing symptoms, conditions or diseases in the physical body. We help our clients reverse or overcome symptoms by creating an individual plan. By monitoring where you are now, and what changes would most benefit you as an individual.

The effectiveness of any treatment is monitored by follow up RBTI Analysis, together with noting any lessening of symptoms and changes to your mental and emotional state.

In our experience any changes that don’t show up in the RBTI Analysis indicate that although symptoms have changed the underlying condition may remain the same and any further trauma may lead to the creation of more symptoms.

Working to a satisfactory level in all areas leads to long term resolution of symptoms.

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Balanced Diet

The Myth: The food pyramid works for everyone.

The Reality: The food pyramid works for very few.

Each person on this planet is an individual and needs to be able to tune into their own body to know what will work for them. Nothing else can be guaranteed to work or be appropriate.

  • Too many of us eat and drink to excess of what our body can actually handle.
  • We eat foods that we have never adapted to or that we are unable to digest and assimilate fully.
  • We eat excessive carbohydrates and foods that overload and imbalance our body.
  • We drink too little water.
  • We eat too much sugar and drink too much wine, alcohol or soft drink and then wonder why our health begins to suffer.
  • We may be sensitive, intolerant or even have allergies to some foods and yet still eat them because that’s how we were raised to eat or it tastes good or we don’t want to deprive ourselves.
  • All of this comes from our conditioning and often isn’t helped with low calorie diets and other dietary programs that are too hard to keep to.

Most dietary control programs appear to have very little long term success.

I believe health and weight must be addressed by looking at your actual needs as an individual. This means looking at all aspects of your body, mind and spirit. This starts with choosing dietary balance based on what will work and is needed for you the individual.

Using RBTI Analysis it is easy to see what is working or not working in your body. From this an individual program can be worked out. This may involve the incorporation of any of the Natural Therapies. Anything less may bring you less than the desired results.

Trying to approach diet purely from a food point of view may lead to ill health, yo yo dieting, obesity and being very unhappy. Diet is something that should be very easy, as you as an individual, eat the foods that are right for your body.

“I began to notice significant differences after the first two weeks. A short three months down the track my complexion has improved beyond measure, my eyes are clearer, I can get to sleep easily, the niggly pains I thought were chronic have subsided and I’ve dropped four dress sizes! Having had lengthy battles with issues such as joint pain, persistent ear and sinus conditions, obesity, stress and fatigue, I cannot believe the changes to my body and sense of wellbeing.”

Ros S.

Different types of supplements, herbs and homoeopathics have consistently shown that they can assist in any health, weight loss or gain program. In particular the use of the correct calcium for an individual’s body to assist that body to come back to a balanced pH has been shown to be very beneficial.

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Symptoms are very much like the warning lights in an airplane cockpit. They need interpretation and understanding, knowledge and experience to be properly understood. For that reason nothing that a client presents is taken for granted and everything brought to our attention is noted and taken into account.

All symptoms have a cause. However not all similar symptoms have the same cause. That is why it is important to gather as much background information through Case History including a Family History and to do in depth Bio Chemical Analysis such as the RBTI Analysis.

Through understanding what is presented and its possible causes an appropriate program can then be worked out for you or your family members as individuals. This will in most cases allow you to reclaim your health and wellness quickly and without further trauma. It will also give you many new tools that you can use to keep your health and balance stable for many years to come.

The only person who can heal you is you. Your body is a wonderful self healing mechanism that knows exactly what to do. It just needs you to make some changes to what you have been doing so that it can return to balance.

Again this may involve changes to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dynamic.

“David has been able to help me find and accept myself, this was no mean feat considering how I felt when we first met. From a life filled with inner turmoil and fears I have been able to gain strength and inner understanding through our work together. The skills learnt will continue to be practised and refined for the rest of my life.”

John M.

Without your participation nothing will be permanent. These changes are important to stop symptoms becoming worse and eventually becoming diseases.

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What is disease?

A specific illness or disorder characterised by a recognisable set of signs and symptoms, attributable to hereditary, infection, diet or environment. A condition of abnormal vital function involving any structure, part or system of an organism.
Mosby’s Medical & Nursing Dictionary 2nd Edition

For instance Arthritis is diagnosed by a particular set of symptoms such as:

  • Any inflammatory condition of the joints characterised by pain and swelling.

This unfortunately tells us nothing about the causes and even less about how to relieve the symptoms.

  • Using natural therapies most disease states have at times been reversed and sometimes totally eliminated, whether it was from a hereditary background, dietary changes, infection control, or changes of environment.
  • Treatment must be individual, as what may work for one person may be totally inappropriate for someone else with very similar symptoms.
  • It is individual treatment that brings results and there is no single magic bullet.
  • It takes a multi faceted, multi disciplinary approach to reverse the symptoms of a disease.
  • My approach is to use RBTI Analysis to better understand the Bio Chemical workings of your body.
  • Make suitable dietary changes, supplementing the right nutrients for your body where necessary and helping you sort out any stresses in your life.
  • This may involve Interactive Hypnotherapy, Counselling, or even referral to any other practitioner who has skills that may be needed to effect change.

The best and easiest way to deal with disease is to use preventative treatments. To work with the body when or even before the first symptoms arise. Before any disease state can come about. For instance working with our techniques with the first signs of inflammation in the joints can stop any further degeneration. We know this because we have been able to do it with many clients.

  • Waiting until arthritis is diagnosed means that the pains would be more severe.
  • Swelling would be noticeable and advanced as would inflammation.
  • Then the treatment would of necessity be much more restrictive dietary wise and may involve the need for more treatments and supplements as well as taking longer to reverse.
  • By that time permanent damage may have resulted.

Acting early is always the best advice with any matters concerning your health or the health of your loved ones.

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RBTI Analysis


RBTI Analysis is a tool that we use to measure the residues and components in samples of urine and saliva. This enables us or any other trained practitioner to see at a glance where your body is out of balance and how to design a program to help you achieve optimal health.

Ream’s Biological Theory of Ionization has been used in clinical practice for over 50 years and has helped many thousands of people. It is named after Carey Reams the scientist who through extensive laboratory testing and mathematics came up with what he called the formula for perfect health.

A similar system is used in naturally based agricultural practices to enhance crop yields with healthier fruit, vegetables and even livestock. Developed and refined over many years it has been successfully used to assist the health of babies, children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. RBTI Analysis allows your practitioner to target the area of greatest need.

The residues and components of urine have been used since ancient times and are still used today in medical science to test for imbalances in the body. Any variations from perfect balance indicate how well you have been digesting, assimilating and processing your food and therefore what energy you have available from that food.

“We don’t live on the food that we eat, we live on the energy created by the food that we eat”
Carey Reams

We look for many factors including whether the pH of the body is in balance or out of balance and where the greatest amount of stress is held in the body.

RBTI Analysis (Urine-Saliva Analysis) assesses:

  1. Carbohydrate in the Urine (An indication of your oxygen levels and available energy). Low carbohydrate levels or high levels indicate that your liver and pancreas may not be working effectively to control your blood sugar regulation. Steps can then be taken to help better regulate these functions.

  2. PH of the Urine (Showing how effectively nutrients are being absorbed). Experience has shown that the further away from balanced your urine pH is the more likely that symptoms or disease may develop in your body.

  3. PH of the Saliva (Irregularities can be a major cause of weight gain or of inability to gain weight. They are also an indication that liver and pancreatic function is out of balance for some reason and that some form of intervention is called for). Reams found that by noting these imbalances in either urine or saliva pH he knew which form of calcium was needed to help bring the body back into balance.

  4. The amount of cellular debris in the Urine (A measure of how well your body is disposing of cellular waste).

  5. Mineral Salts (Showing balance of electrolytes and a guide to your body’s need for water). Too low elimination of salts and toxins can indicate electrolyte imbalance whereas too high is an indication of insufficient water or overload of salt. These will both affect your energy and the connections between your brain and your body.

  6. Nitrate Nitrogen (NN: Alkaline in nature, showing how well protein is being broken down in your small intestine and a key to your body’s need for potassium). A high NN number indicates that your upper body is under pressure and would benefit from intervention.

  7. Ammoniacal Nitrates (AN: Indicate how much putrefactive waste is being absorbed, primarily from the bowel).

The total of your NN and AN numbers show the level of the urea’s being passed in the urine, another pointer to major stress factors and tiredness. Low or high urea numbers indicate that the body is overloaded or may not be able to detoxify effectively and therefore symptoms may develop and the possibility of developing a serious disease or condition is increased.

In addition to the above we also screen for:

  • Leucocytes (a pointer to infections in the body)
  • Urobilinogen (liver deficiencies)
  • Nitrite (a sign of bacterial infection)
  • Protein – Nutrients (kidney problems)
  • Blood (digestion, kidney/bladder problems)
  • Specific gravity (energy imbalances)
  • Ketones (dietary concerns)

From these results we put together a program individually tailored to your body’s needs.

How Does the RBTI Analysis Work?

The testing procedures are performed on a urine specimen and a saliva specimen. The urine and saliva samples are taken after a main meal with no food or drink other than water for at least two hours and no water for at least 30 minutes.

First total carbohydrates in the urine are measured.

  • This tells us how well the body is handling carbohydrate foods. We then know whether your body is able to efficiently digest and utilise carbohydrates to maintain a steady consistent energy in your body.
  • Any variation from the ideal zone with this number is an indication of difficulty with holding optimal blood sugar balance.
  • This can be having a major effect on your ability to hold your energy stable.
  • This can lead to physical, mental and emotional symptoms such as fatigue, cravings and poor dietary control as well as anxiety, depression and addictions.
  • Over time uncontrolled carbohydrate balances may lead to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Next we test the pH of the urine and saliva.

  • This will help us to understand which of the calcium’s your body may be lacking.
  • Remember that next to water, calcium is the element most needed by the body.
  • Amongst other roles, having the right balance of all of the calciums in your body will help ensure the correct production of enzymes for digestion and help the assimilation of all other nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
  • Correcting any imbalances can be of major help in calming the body and mind, eliminating symptoms and reversing disease

The pH of the urine is extremely important, as it is an indication of how well your body can digest and assimilate the nutrients from food and supplements. You may be wasting your money taking supplements that you aren’t able to absorb if your pH is too acid or alkaline.

A poor pH balance is a major cause of illness and disease. Ignored imbalanced pH can affect your blood and oxygen carrying capacity along with all cellular activities, hormone systems, immune functions and all other bodily functions.

The pH of the saliva indicates the pressure that your liver and pancreas are under and relates to the body’s ability to begin the digestive process in the mouth. Ideal digestion takes place when the pH of the urine and saliva are both in the ideal zone and all other numbers are also in their ideal zone.

Whenever either the pH of the urine or saliva is away from ideal, Reams found that the flow of energy through the body must be imbalanced in some way. Following his discoveries, we often use a variety of calcium powders and supplements and suggest other changes to bring the body into balance.

Most symptoms and disease states are caused or aggravated by imbalanced pH levels. It is important for the health of everybody whether baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult or senior citizen that they become aware of any imbalanced pH levels and take steps to correct them.

Experience has shown that most minerals and supplements require a balanced pH to be efficiently absorbed.

Next we test for the level of salts and toxins being released by the body. Firstly we measure the amount of cellular debris in the urine.

  • From this we can see if your body is cooperating with the necessary cleansing.
  • A body that is unable to cooperate often needs a change of diet and supplementary assistance to help it to let go of accumulated wastes.
  • These wastes can easily become toxic to the body if not removed on a regular basis.

Then we check the level of salts and toxinsusing a conductivity meter to assess the level of fluids needed and how well your body is balancing its electrolytes.

  • Numbers too high or low are an indication of too much or too little resistance in the body either of which can have major effects on your health and life.

The last two tests measure the amount of unutilised protein being passed through to the kidneys for elimination.

  • This can show whether your body is cooperating in your quest for optimal health or whether there are blockages in the upper or lower body.
  • These tests can help you target areas of greatest concern and help you to bring your focus onto old unresolved blockages of a physical or emotional cause.

It was Reams opinion that by measuring these wastes and residues a trained practitioner could begin to pinpoint the areas of the body where attention is needed. This is an analysis based on a mathematical formula. It doesn’t diagnose any disease. Instead it helps practitioners to target the areas of greatest concern. Then using the principles practiced and developed by Reams and his colleagues suggestions are made for change. Firstly in the area where the body is most out of balance and then progressively in other areas.

Urgent changes are sometimes needed where the analysis indicates that the body is in severe overload. Otherwise changes are suggested in a step by step manner with monthly or bi-monthly RBTI Analysis to track whether the changes indicated have been sufficient to help rebalance the body.

What Then?

Just like a plant we need the correct “soil” for healthy growth. In our case rather than soil we need a healthy diet that is correct for our bodily needs and the right acid/alkaline balance in our body to be able to absorb the nutrients from our food and supplements efficiently. RBTI Analysis gives an accurate assessment of the way in which your body is functioning. From this assessment a series of steps that are individually tailored for you are recommended to help you bring your body into balance. Returning your body to balance leads you back to wellness.

Depending on your individual biochemistry as measured by RBTI Analysis the steps recommended may include some or all of the following:

  1. Modifying your diet to eliminate or reduce dietary stress factors. This generally means eating more in line with the true needs of your body. You will be advised further on this by your practitioner at follow up consultations. In our experience eating that is overloading your body or causing disharmony is the major cause of symptoms.
  2. Improving your digestion with the use of digestive plant enzymes. These are often essential to help protect your body from further overloading and to help take pressure off of your liver and pancreas.
  3. Improving bowel elimination to ensure 2 to 3 easy comfortable bowel movements daily. Waste materials that remain in the body for too long can be a major cause of disease. Whenever the pH of the body becomes imbalanced it is likely that some bowel irregularities may develop.
  4. Stopping or reducing inflammatory factors. Inflammation in the body is often a signal that the body has become overloaded and some dietary and perhaps supplementary intervention may be called for.
  5. Improving your immune function. A strong healthy immune system is your body’s first line of defence against organisms that would do harm to your body. It has been proven that a weakened emotional state or too much stress can be a major cause of a weakened immune function. Again, all factors need to be taken into account when dealing with your health.
  6. Supporting your nervous and digestive systems by correcting acid/alkaline imbalances with the correct calcium’s and minerals for your body. Calcium is the most important mineral and the most abundant in your body. You need a wide variety of calcium’s to correctly balance all of the systems of your body and to maintain a stable pH.
  7. Supporting your Endocrine system for correct hormonal balance.
    • Your hormonal system is dependent on the functioning of the liver as well as the functioning of your hormonal glands.
    • Without correcting any liver imbalances it is very difficult to bring your hormonal system into balance.
    • Again the pH of the urine and saliva is a good indication of how your liver is functioning.
    • Any imbalances in this area have been found to then affect the hormonal system.
    • Trying to correct hormonal imbalances without taking into account the functioning of the liver may bring about other imbalances.
    • Reams found that using the correct Calciums for an individual’s body was often the quickest way to rebalance the hormonal system.

If this is of interest to you or any member of your family please contact David Lomman for a RBTI Analysis Kit. Following the receipt of your samples and a short Case History a detailed analysis will be prepared and forwarded to you either by email or post, as requested, together with a letter detailing the first steps that we feel would benefit you.

“Why Guess When You Can Be Sure?”

We welcome enquiries from practitioners who wish to learn the practical application of RBTI Analysis. We will be offering Workshops along the Eastern Seaboard again in 2016.

Please contact us for further information.

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RBTI Analysis Workshops
Urine and Saliva Analysis that Leads You to the Real Issues

Better Results and Increased Profitability

  • Learn the Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation (RBTI Analysis) and how Carey Reams and others trained by him saved thousands of lives.

  • Know how to treat children or adults who are anxious, autistic, arthritic, depressed, fatigued, infertile, obese, sick or in any other way health impaired.

  • Track your client’s biochemical responses to your well chosen remedies.

  • Teach your staff how to do the testing, be operational and receiving additional income within days of completing the workshop.

  • “Why Guess When You Can Be Sure!”

Understand and treat

  • Acid/alkaline imbalances and know how important they are to your client’s health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Carbohydrate readings and how they affect available oxygen and energy, physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Salt levels and how they can be an indicator to lack or too much water, low energy, inability to detoxify, cholesterol and heart health.

  • Ureas and how they contribute to stress, tension, heart attacks and strokes.

  • And much more.

    Stay linked for our Online Workshop coming soon.

    Consisting of Webinars, Videos, Audio and Downloads this Workshop will replace the earlier five-day course. Included is a detailed workshop folder with all of the information you will need to set up an Analysis Centre in your Clinic.

    For more information contact David Lomman
    on +61 412 202 953 or email: david@davidlomman.com

    RBTI Analysis

    Practitioner Testimonials

    Urine and Saliva Analysis that Leads You to the Real Issues

    </B >“Very complete and life changing experience. As a professional Natural Therapist this work and it’s analysis along with the benefits have been life changing for my practice and my clientele.".....

    Warren Rose
    Naturopath, Queensland.

    "This has been one of the very best courses that I have ever done. I was able to introduce RBTI
    into my clinic for clients, with confidence which has been extremely helpful in directing me to a
    simple, precise treatment protocol. "

    Bronwyn Stewart
    Naturopath, Victoria.

    "For a while now (some years) I have felt that Naturopathic practice has diverted from our basic
    principles of treating the cause, to becoming a more scientific based and symptomatology
    treatment type approach! We have become way too complex and lost the “KISS” principles
    and therefore I fear lost our clear, clean empathetic approach to helping our patients!
    Thanks to RBTI – we can get back to wholistic naturopathic practising with a simple, caring yet
    very precise mode of treating the causes of our patient’s ailments. Thus giving them a better
    and happier more balanced life."

    Dr. Debra Schnepper
    Osteopath, Victoria

    "David is very willing to share as much as possible in regards to this fascinating system of
    This tool has great potential for further unravelling the mystery of wellbeing."

    Jenie Stroh
    Naturopath, Victoria

    I thoroughly enjoyed the entire workshop. I learnt such a lot with the input of everyone who
    attended as well.
    I found you both to be ever so helpful and thoughtful. Not often you can obtain follow up
    information or questions sent so “lovingly”. It has left me feeling confidently enthused and very
    “passionate” about what I can share with my clients and of course family. Many thanks to you

    Desley Gray
    Naturopath, Queensland

    RBTI was a refreshing and fun experience introducing and enhancing my understanding of
    Reams work.
    I feel confident in implementing this material in a Chiropractic practice comfortably and am
    pleased that I can offer my patients more.

    Dr. Voula Roumel
    Chiropractor, Victoria

    Finally the Reams Urine and Saliva testing has become available to us. I will start using this
    testing procedure in my practice as soon as I can because it gives me an insight and a clear
    picture of what’s going on in the body. Now I have a direction to clearly pinpoint the problem
    areas affecting an individual. This is very exciting because it takes away all of the guess work
    out of diagnosing

    Kevin Shanahan
    Naturopath, Victoria

    RBTI testing is a very thorough way of analysing the efficiency of the body. It can be integrated
    into clinical practise and used as an excellent tool to provide clients with answers and solutions
    to ongoing health problems. It is well worth doing and is incredibly exciting when the numbers
    all come in.

    Alia Knight
    Naturopath, Tasmania

    Having recently attended the RBTI Analysis workshop run by David Lomman, I would highly
    recommend it to other practitioners who wish to better understand the health of their clients
    through the health of their liver and digestive system. A key concept is the need for the
    different calciums for optimal health.

    Judy Smith
    Naturopath, NSW

    David and Sonja have passion, dedication and commitment to students which is comforting,
    supportive and inspiring. Knowing that they are always there to help with their wisdom when
    needed ensures continued education and confidence. The support after the course was very
    beneficial and set me in motion with the knowledge I had gained. I have not received this on
    any other course and it made a big difference with clarity and confidence.

    Michele Wolff
    Naturopath, Victoria

    This is extremely valuable information for any health practitioner to have. The manner in which
    the RBTI is taught is easy to follow and by the end of the weekend the understanding of the
    philosophy and practice is enhanced. I have already had several individuals tested with
    interesting results which have helped move their healing to the next step.

    Wendy Dumaresq
    Naturopath, Victoria

    The RBTI Analysis provides such a great understanding of what is happening in the
    biochemistry of the patient. Henry Bieler, M.D. says “…everything revolves around the
    chemistry of digestion.”
    The analysis also provides a further step in what needs to be addressed first.
    I liken RBTI assessment to the motor mechanic who utilises an analytical computer and
    exhaust pipe probe to determine the efficiency of my engine from its output.

    Dr. Paul Stuchbery
    Chiropractor, Victoria

    Finally a course that teaches Naturopaths how to practice like Naturopaths.

    John Walys
    Naturopath, Victoria

    By having 18 practitioners in the group it enabled each person to interact with David and Sonja
    constantly throughout the workshop, to gain more insight and clarification when needed.The RBTI Analysis is very easy to do and reveals a great deal about a persons health. I have gained personally from doing this workshop as well as in my Naturopathic work. Once the equipment is obtained the RBTI Analysis can be used immediately in the practice. Clients love to see it being used and can really relate to the results. It gives them incentive to bring about more changes eg: how much water they are drinking, changes of diet, the effect salt has, life style etc.It has been worthwhile doing the workshop, giving more insight into health issues with a wholistic approach.

    Judy Paterson
    Naturopath, Victoria

    RBTI Analysis is a brilliant tool that allows me to know what is being digested and absorbed,
    assimilated and eliminated or more importantly not eliminated from the body. It has been an
    essential part of my clinic for over 14 years.

    Elaine Stoeckel
    Naturopath, Health Education Speaker
    Gold Coast, Queensland

    "The great aspect about RBTI Analysis is that you have measurable results that can be tracked
    over time to see exactly what’s going on, on the inside as well as the outside and to gauge a
    client’s progress.

    Nicole Tricarico
    Naturopath, Natural Fertility and Colon Care Practitioner
    Shepparton Victoria

    “Why Guess When You Can Be Sure”

    Carey Reams

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