Aligning In Light - Energy Healing - Psychotherapy

Dawn Mead

Mapleton QLD 4560

Servicing area: Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and Brisbane by appointment. Online consluts available.

Focus area: Telehealth

When we resonate with openness and love, rather than fear and aggression our whole body regenerates. 

Aligning In Light - Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Chiron Healing®

Chiron Healing® helps with the resolution of physical issues along with spiritual and emotional trauma. The healing is designed to affect all three levels together to harmonise the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Chiron Healing® is utilised to clear blockages in your blueprint (Aura of energy), restore a strong connection to your own source energy, harmonise your chakras, repair and redraw energy lines, and reinforce your master diamond pattern.

Chiron Healing® helps to clarify the mind, strengthen your connection with yourself, and the world around you. It is a natural method of healing that draws on ancient wisdom and divine source energy intuitively directed through the hands of the practitioner.

Genome DNA & Stem Cell Healing - Where Science & Spirituality Unite

Through the deep connection and active listening of the messages of our body, we can bring about positive changes at every level of our being.  In a session, I guide and investigate your organs and systems of your body, this includes a number of areas including chromosomes, telomeres, hormones, and blood and a lot more. We enable them to have a voice. When these body systems can voice their feelings, we can highlight where there is or may have been an issue.  From here a process of transformation is stimulated to restore an optimally functioning blueprint as it was originally created.

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Aligning In Light - Energy Healing - Psychotherapy