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Deb Robertson

Deb Robertson

Williamstown VIC 3016

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Learn how to achieve optimal wellness by integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being into an integrated whole through yoga.

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Williamstown & Newport VIC, Australia-wide via Zoom

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About Deb Robertson

Yoga Danam in Williamstown VIC inspires people from all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of yoga through its founder Deb Robrtson. A student of yoga for more than 20 years and a professional teacher of this spiritual practice for around 15 years, Deb has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to yoga.

Deb has completed a Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training with Joy Spencer back in 2001 and has since furthered her studies with Barbara Brian of Agama Yoga in the Middle Park and the Desikachar family.

For a period of six years, Deb worked with the Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation and successfully completed her Yoga Therapy training which included two internships at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India. Her substantial research project concentrated on the health benefits of an individual yoga practice for asthmatics.

Deb’s Approach to Yoga

Deb uses a variety of yoga tools, which she learnt from the Krishnamacharya lineage, to help her clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and enrich their personal and spiritual growth.

She identifies a student’s goal and then helps them get there progressively. Some of the people in her class want to achieve a healthier body, while others want to explore the benefits of meditation, Vedic Chanting or philosophy. Deb also assists clients who are suffering from an illness and looking for ways to reinvigorate their wellbeing and coping strategies.

As a yoga teacher, Deb lives by the principle that no one stays the same as the practice is the impetus for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes.

Although underpinned by ancient principles, yoga remains appropriate for modern times where the need to reintegrate oneself into a whole person could not have been more vital to maintain health and wellness.

Deb tailors her yoga class according to each person’s age, health condition, lifestyle, schedule, job, and fitness levels, to allow them to transform holistically into the best versions of themselves.

Deb’s Voluntary Work

In addition to holding yoga classes, Deb finds time to volunteer in several organisations and provide its members with the benefits of yoga. She’s a strong advocate of the following:

  • Asylum Seekers Women’s Groups
  • Walk a Mile in my Shoes’ for Mental Health 
  • Pink Ribbon Events for Breast Cancer

Client Testimonials

“Having dabbled in yoga for over 20 years, I felt I needed to link to my mind as well as my body. The exercise component was important, but the mind component was becoming more important to me. I was drawn to the wisdom of Deb’s yoga classes. I feel I learn or experience something positive in each class. I know I’ve just scratched the surface of this amazing world and Deb is helping me to navigate it. Yoga used to be something I did once a week in a studio as a form of exercise. Now it is part of my daily life. It has enriched my life so much.” - Kathy

“Deb is an experienced yoga mentor for ambitious yoga teachers and allied health professionals.” - Brook McCarthy

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