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Welcome to kinesiology with Debbie Pannowitz.

Over 20 years in clinical practice. Debbie is well placed to help you navigate your way back to a new appreciation of what can be achieved on your health journey using  kinesiology.

Debbie Pannowitz Kinesiology

Kinesiology for improved:
  • resilience to change
  • management of feelings of being stuck
  • growth in facing life's challenges 
  • sense of purpose
  • emotional balance
  • decision-making

Kinesiology is one of the most rapidly growing complementary therapies. It uses the body’s own healing power to restore energy imbalances. With roots deeply embedded in the traditions of Chinese medicine, Kinesiology is primarily focused on keeping people free from dis-ease. 

One of the greatest benefits of kinesiology is that it provides the window through which can be found the emotional and mind-body relationships behind disease and then gently uses the body's own healing power to restore well-being. There are many different forms of kinesiology and I have studied many of these variations. This was before I came to Transformational Kinesiology, a specialist area developed in Denmark. I found it to be a more rewarding way to help people find their own path in life and move forward with ease and grace.

...and transformational kinesiology (TK)

Transformational kinesiology is a specialist area of Kinesiology; it helps us interpret our lives and events in more productive ways. It is a truly inspirational healing. Reaching to our own inner wisdom it allows us to access ourselves as an observer in our lives ensuring that our actions are more harmless than harmful. If we are able to step away from seeing ourselves as our life history (e.g. as what we do for a job etc.) we can observe our inner thoughts and emotions which chain us to old patterns. This awareness alleviates stress, discomfort and sabotage behavior in our lives. When we take the position of being an inner mentor and not the inner critic we begin to lead ourselves to lasting change and healing, vitality and reconnection.

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"My commitment to you is to determine the right therapy to suit your circumstance and lifestyle to ensure you have answers for your unique health and wellbeing concerns"

Debra Pannowitz Grad Dip Hlth Sci (Nutr Med), RSKP, MSc, MBA

Some of the most common health issues where people seek my help:

stress, life purpose, emotional eating,  food sensitivities and intolerances, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin problems, depression, lack of energy, anxiety

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Debbie Pannowitz Kinesiology