Debby Wright

Debby Wright

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Mt Waverley VIC 3149

Servicing area: Mt Waverley, South Eastern & Inner Suburbs, Melbourne

Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy

Debby Wright - Manual Lymph Drainage

MLD & CDT is practised on a table without the use of oils …

  • Gentle, circular, rhythmical relaxation and remedial techniques
  • Working with the lymphatic system to stimulate fluid movement
  • CDT, compression bandaging and other associated therapies for effective lymphoedema management


Some of the many benefits of this technique:

- Stimulate removal of toxins and cellular debris

- Speedier reduction of swelling and therefore speedier and more efficient healing from sprains and post operative procedures ( and their accompanying pain!).

- Feeling lighter in body and clearer in the mind even after one treatment.

- The gentle and rhythmical techniques effect the ‘fight or flight reflex’ bringing it to the ‘rest and digest phase’, resulting in a profoundly relaxing side effect.

- Can reduce or remove nagging aches left over from old injuries with scar tissue and congestion.

- Neck, shoulder, head and facial MLD as a treatment on its own leaves you feeling lighter and brighter.

- A course of treatment with increased frequency of neck and facial MLD can be used to treat acne.

- On its own or combined with earcandling MLD is great for clearing some types sinus congestion.

- Assists in the recovery of liposuction treatments and other cosmetic procedures.

- MLD plays an important part of the overall treatment of Lymphoedema and lipoedema.

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Debby Wright