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Debby Wright

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Remedial Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Chinese acupressure and meridian therapies, cupping, remedial stretching,Traditional Thai therapeutic massage, Swedish Massage,

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Mt Waverley, South Eastern & Inner Suburbs, Melbourne

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Circulation Headaches Lower back pain Sprains Meridian massage Athletic performance

Practised on the table, a thermotherapy for the head and ears using BioSun Hopi EarCandles to:

  • Indirectly and gently massage and warm the ear drum.
  • Promote secretion in the sinuses,
  • stimulate flow of lymph, acupoints, and reflex zones.

This treatment is enhanced when combined with manual lymph drainage (MLD) of the neck and face before and after the earcandling.

Ear candling can take about 15-20 minutes per ear and when combined with the MLD a total of one hour is requuired.

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