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Debra Fenelon   Myotherapist - Remedial MasseurMassage has become a very important part of Health Care today, due to the positive effects it has on our Physical, Mental and Emotional States. Massages have been found to boost the immune system, relieve pain, manage stress, reduce blood pressure and ease anxiety.

Massage / Myotherapy

Servicing area

Ferntree Gully, Victoria

Focus areas

Poor circulation Stress management Neck restrictions Sinus Muscle tension Pain relief


  • MEMBER OF AAMT since 1998



"Myo" is a Greek work meaning muscle and therapy means "service to." Myotherapy was discovered by Bonnie Prodden in 1976, and had received its name by Dr. Desmond Tivy.

Myotherapy is based on the ground breaking work of Dr. Janet Travell (1901-1999) along with David Simon's, whom Bonnie was trained under. Travell and Simon's had established the neurophysiological basis of myofascial pain and its dysfunction, that contributed greatly to todays understanding of it.

Bonnie created a new system of manual therapy, which focuses on the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of associated pathologies, which contributes to the cause of muscular dysfunction and pain, thus affecting movement and mobility.

It involved when Bonnie discovered how to ease pain in releasing trigger points in tight taught muscles , to which she would place pressure on the tender spot, and had noticed that the pain would dissipate under her pressure. This technique is now described as ischemic compression. She would inform her findings with DR. Janet Travell, who suggested how long to hold the point for, and therefore had allowed Bonnie to decide upon 7 minutes was long enough.

Later she worked along side DR. Tivy, whom injected the trigger points that Bonnie found. Today this technique is now know as Dry Needling.

Along with Dry Needling, Cupping, TENS and ultra-sound are forms of additional techniques that are used in Myotherapy.


Massage is a "hands on" ancient therapy that takes many forms through many cultures and countries. There are many variations of massage from many parts of the world including Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Chinese, Shiatsu, Sports and many more forms, Although today we can find many forms, alll disciplines of masage can be categorizesd as massage because of the common method the massage therapist uses.

Any method of pressure on or friction against, or stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, pounding, vibrating or stimulating of the external soft parts of the body can be considered a form of massage. A massage therapist will use prodominately their hands or arms but do sometimes incorporate relxation chairs or appliances.

Massage is also beneficial in the treatment of depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, producing a calmer mind and an increased capacity for clearer thinking, which in turn gives a greater sense of being unified and in harmony with one self and surrounding.

Massage is one of the oldest forms of relaxation and healing therapies. In its various forms it can help relieve headaches, muscle pain, tension and stress. It is an effective means of helping you to relax and function more effectively.


"There are multiple benefits from receiving a massage."
Relaxation massage can reduce blood pressure, aid circulation, decrease stress and tension and enhance your quality of sleep.

Massage not only does you good, but makes you feel good!

Massage boosts your immunity, helping your body fight off colds and flu more effectively by increasing the amount of white blood cells in your body
The effect of massage on mental health is very beneficial, improving your mood through the release of endocrines and reducing the release of the stress hormone cortisol meaning better sleep, more energy, increased concentration levels and creativity.


The aim of Therapeutic Massage are to encourage physical and mental relaxation, improve circulation and muscle tone, prevent soft tissue problems, assist the functioning of the digestive system and encourage the elimination of toxins from the body. Massage basically involves manipulating the skin, muscles and joints.

This is a soft tissue therapy and is an excellent form of assistance in treating injuries. Therapeutic Massage is a specific form of massage, as opposed to pure relaxation massage.

In most cases only one or two treatments are required for such conditions as:

  • Sciatica
  • Ankle Problems
  • Knee Problems
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Migraine
  • Stress & Tension
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Asthma
  • Neck Restrictions
  • Back Pain
  • RSI

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