Debra Fidler

Debbie Fidler

Renwick st
Leichhardt NSW 2040

Servicing area: Leichhardt & Balmain NSW

Focus area: Telehealth

Do you feel stuck and so distant from your goals? Let Debra help you release the blockages in your system so that you can move forward with your life with more ease.

Holistic Coaching, Relationship Healing, Space & House Clearing

What is Holistic Coaching? 

When circumstances in your life throw you off-kilter, leaving you confused and uncertain, Debra Fidler is right here to get you back on your feet, stronger and wiser. 

As a holistic coach and counsellor in Leichhardt NSW, she will equip you with the right set of tools and skills that will help you snap out of sadness, rejection, anxiety, fear, pain or other emotions that obstruct you from reaching your goals and ultimate happiness.

What is Relationship Healing?

Relationship problems can stem from several sources that vary in nature. In a relationship healing session, couples tackle a variety of issues, but in essence they are all anchored in energy.

Debra taps into the energy that drives the relationship and releases any obstructions that triggered their problem. Liberating the concerned individuals from their longstanding issues brings a renewed freshness to the relationship, which allows them to view it from a positive angle.

What is Space & House Clearing?

Did you know that the energy imprints of the previous owners of your house can affect your life and relationships? If that energy is packed with negativity, you’ll feel an invisible weight pulling you down constantly. 

A space clearing session eliminates negative energy and allows positive vibrations to flow freely within your home or office. Debra will guide you through some clearing practices which you can perform on your own.

Book an appointment and let Debra guide you in improving your relationships and life as a whole.

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