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To put it simply, we love what we do. You need only to listen to what our clients say to understand this. We are highly qualified each holding a Diploma in Remedial Massage (or Shiatsu) with an average 1,000 hours of professional education. Each therapist continues to extend their skills with ongoing industry training.

We subscribe to the Australian Traditional Medicine Society’s (ATMS) Code of Conduct.

Instant Health Fund rebates can be claimed for Remedial Massage through our HICAPS terminal (except HCF) - you only need pay us the gap. For HCF we give you a tax invoice to claim directly.

Sarah Fletcher - Remedial - Sports - Deep Tissue - Relaxation - Swim Coach
Sarah has a wealth of knowledge in specialised massage. This developed through many years of tertiary study and competing as a competitive Triathlete. Sarah holds a degree in Human Movement, Diploma in Remedial Massage, Certificate in dry needling, Certificate IV in Fitness and is a qualified swim coach. Sarah strives to develop functional and effective ways to release tension, improve mobility, and enhance the health of her clients.

Ali Rubie - Remedial - Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Sports - Pregnancy - Lymph Drainage - WorkCover - Reiki - Myotherapy
I am a remedial massage therapist with a special interest in addressing the common postural problems that are frequently a cause of people's neck and back pain. I use Myotherapy Techniques to restore freedom of movement and normal function to tight and strained muscles. Combining these techniques with deep relaxation techniques releases tension in my clients removing a source of stress and irritation. My other specialities include Pregnancy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage. I work with athletes helping them to maximize their performance through deep tissue, recovery and myoskeletal alignment techniques. I really do care about my clients health and aim to achieve long lasting results..

Keith Brown - Shiatsu - Tai Chi - Bagua Zhang - Qigong
Keith Brown is our Shiatsu therapist. He brings a wealth of experience in applying this Japanese massage therapy to ease the everyday stresses and strains of life. Keith first qualified in 1991 and joined our team over 11 years ago. Try his experience – Shiatsu can lift low energy levels, working on your meridians (like acupuncture). It often can relieves back and shoulder pain. Watch our video to see him working on one of our clients. Not content with one specialty Keith is also a Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang and Qigong teacher holding a Senior Instructor grade. Tai Chi keeps life in a healthy perspective. He runs many classes across Sydney. Keith is available for Shiatsu sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Diploma of Shiatsu, Senior Instructor 5th Degree – World Taiji Boxing Association.

Kerry Mair - Remedial - Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Sports - Pregnancy
Kerrie has been a part of the Dee Why team since 2007. She is an experienced Remedial Massage therapist. specialising in the treatment of musculo-skeletal problems as well as pregnancy. Being a mother herself she has first hand knowledge of the benefits of massage during a time of growing stresses and strains. She chose massage as a result of changes in her life that were supported by massage - deciding to learn and put to good use helping others cope with stress. Kerrie holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage from NatureCare College. She is available on Wednesdays.

Ivana Stokanovic - Remedial - Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Sports - Pregnancy
I specialize in Remedial and Deep Tissue massage and love the challenges in helping my clients improve their well-being. I am always determined to get results, further enhancing my massage skills, I have an extended knowledge of nutrition finishing a certificate in nutrition and dietetics. I am currently studying a Science degree at Sydney university. This will greatly expand my ability ultimately allowing me to combine Remedial massage with Physiotherapy. I have always been fascinated with human health and using my knowledge to help others, I am more focused on an holistic approach but do address specific areas that are needed to be released. My massage therapy can help in many areas such as insomnia, muscular tension, headaches and migraines plus work related stress. I have also worked with other health practitioners such as chiropractors, physiotherapists which has given me a better insight on testing and assessing certain areas of the body.

Lucie Ratajova - Remedial - Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Sports - Pregnancy - Fitness Instructor
I have a life long desire to help people to a better life, to feel good and be healthier. Massage therapy and teaching physical education are the medium I use to improve my client's client wellbeing and enjoyment of life. Specifically with massage I feel satisfied when they smile because they are now pain free, are relaxed and move more freely. My studies focussed on my fascination for the human body - how it moves, how it works and how soft tissue therapy greatly enhances its functioning. Interestingly modern biological science continues to reveal new knowledge in areas like fascial release. I am also a fitness professional and as a PE teacher I like to work with kids, teaching volleyball and other sports. I have a Diploma in Remedial Massage, a Diploma of Fitness and a Master of Physical Education. I am fluent in Czech, Polish and Russian. I am available several days per week.

Bianca Taylor - Beauty Therapy - Swedish Massage
I have a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Certificate III in Fitness and a trade in the hospitality industry. When it comes to looking your best, I offer a wholistic approach covering skincare, nutrition, beauty and wellness. Beauty is more than skin deep. Your skin can tell me a thousand words about your health and your lifestyle. Using the science of skin biology I can find the right therapy and the right cosmetics to give your skin that clear radiant glow. Live, relax, sit back and be pampered.

John Sullivan - Remedial - Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Sports - Reiki - Qigong
I completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage at Naturecare College where most Northern Beach's therapists train. After many years working in IT I felt it was time to get out of the office and work more closely with people. I am convinced massage is very effective through my own personal experience with a lower back problem. Using Trigger Point Therapy combined with PNF stretching and core exercises I overcame what potentially could have been a debilitating injury. I now apply my knowledge through my massage treatments to give my clients long term results. I have a strong interest in the bodies energetic meridian system so I use Reiki and Qi Gong to treat people on another level. I love life on the Northern Beaches living close to Curl Curl beach. I surf when the waves are up. My other sporting interests include cross country mountain biking and outdoor fitness training.

Howard Gilmore - Remedial - Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Sports - Pregnancy - Cancer - Lymph Drainage - WorkCover
I specialise in several areas of massage - including people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Also I work with people who have lymphoedema, that is a compromised lymphatic system caused by surgery eg. breast cancer that causes a back-up of fluid causing swelling. For people who are injured at work I am accredited with WorkCover NSW and the major workers compensation insurers. My interest in therapeutic massage was sparked at the time I worked in the corporate environment. I enjoyed regular massages as a powerful antidote to the pressures of a busy job and they kept my energy ticking over and kept my mind focused. So impressed by the benefits I experienced, I took up massage studies and graduated with a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 1997. Several years later I took the plunge, changed careers and joined Thanya working as a massage therapist.