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Each Energetic Healing session is unique and incorporates a combination of techniques.  

Denise Crutchfield - Energy Healing Techniques

Focus areas

Stress management Relaxation Headaches Space clearing Physical pain Energy balance

Some of the common healing techniques that I utilise are:


Reiki is the channeling of Universal Life Force Energy through the positioning of hands on or above the physical body. By allowing the life force energy to flow, you will activate and accelerate the body’s natural intelligence to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

A Reiki treatment can bring about feelings of peace, balance and wellbeing and is therefore ideal for reducing stress. Reiki can restore depleted energy levels and can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine by shortening recovery times from illness and injury, and reducing the negative side effects of medical drugs.

Energy balance (auras/chakras/meridians):

The human body consists of an array of energy systems including our aura, chakras and meridians. If energy is blocked in our energy systems, it will affect the flow of energy into our organs and the cellular levels of our body and can be the precursor to dis-ease in the body.

By clearing the energy (blockages) and rebalancing the energy systems, the body’s innate ability to heal itself is optimised. The enhanced energy flow results in increased energy levels and balance.

Clearing dense/negative energy:

Our energy levels are influenced by our daily interaction with other people and the events of the world around you. For example, think of how you feel after watching the latest news events, or spending time with a negative or depressed person. Our mood and energy levels are directly impacted.

By releasing and clearing any negative and dense energy it restores balance. You will feel lighter and experience a sense of restored vitality.

Crystal Therapy:

Crystal therapy is the placing of crystals on and around the body. Crystals have their own unique vibrations and it is their vibrational frequency that resonates with our energy systems to clear any negative energy and rebalance the energy systems.

Quartz crystal is the master healer of crystals and is used to revitalise and balance the energy of the body for optimal healing and wellbeing.

Crystal pendulums are an effective tool to detect any energy imbalances in our energy systems, primarily the aura and chakras. The pendulum is also an effective method in releasing any negative or dense energy detected thereby restoring balance.

Cord Cutting:

When we enter into a relationship, an energetic connection (cord) is activated. This includes relationships with our family members, lovers, friends and work colleagues. If a relationship starts to become unhealthy, the energetic attachments can start to hold us back and drain our energy.

We all have experienced energy vampires, those who leave us drained after interacting with them, particularly so with friends who are needy or depressed. We may also experience negative reactions, such as worry, fear, anxiety, anger or nausea when we are with certain people, or thinking of them.

It is ideal to cut cords when a relationship ends, so that person can no longer drain your energy or influence your emotions. By cutting the cords energetically, it allows us to let go of these relationships that no longer serve us. Our energy levels can return to normal and we are able to move forward again in life. Also when a relationship is becoming unhealthy and draining on your energy, or evoking negative reactions, cutting the cords brings freshness to the relationship enabling it to enter a new phase.


Today many of us live in highly urbanised areas and work indoors such that we have limited daily interaction with nature. We live busy lives and rushing around everywhere and we don’t stop “to smell the roses.” As a result many of us are ungrounded.

If we are not grounded, we are not operating at our full capacity. Examples of being ungrounded include:

  • Feeling spaced out or dizzy
  • Forgetting appointments, or where you left your keys…
  • Falling asleep during meditation
  • Bumping into things
  • Functioning on “automatic pilot”
  • Unfocused

Grounding techniques work to bring you back into the present moment, enabling you to function at greater capacity and with more clarity. “Living in the now” enables you to fully appreciate the smaller moments of life.

Those of us working on our spiritual development are often ungrounded as we may still be connected to the higher realms or operating out of our upper chakras. Grounding will bring you back into your body and back into the moment.

Deep Breathing:

Focusing on breathing assists with quietening the mind and assists the relaxation process to enable you to enter a deeper state of consciousness which enhances the energy healing session. By deepening the breath it increases the supply of oxygen circulating through the body enhancing the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles and organs.

These deep breathing techniques are beneficial to assist you on a daily basis to manage stress and anxiety. They can be used at any time of the day to assist you to release the tensions in the body, relieve the mind chatter (including worries and anxieties) and enable you to enter into a state of relaxation. They are particularly useful before going to sleep at night.

Guided Meditations/Visualisations:

A guided meditation is a voice guided step-by-step guide through a meditative experience and may involve imagery.

Guided meditations such as the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique and simple breathing meditations are useful to help you to relax and quieten the mind. Guided meditations & visualisations may be incorporated to assist with cord cutting, releasing physical pain and releasing blockages such as negative emotions and belief systems.

Treatment Plan

The number of treatments required vary dependant on the reason for your visit and your desired outcome.

Once you experience for yourself the benefits of an Energy Healing session you will have a greater sense of how many sessions you will require.

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