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Destine Dance

Contact Name Clint Steele
Phone 03 9995 2350
Address Elsternwick VIC 3185
Servicing Areas Elsternwick, Glen Eira, Bayside and surrounds

The ultimate natural therapy: Dance. Learn how dance is likely what you need right now

Welcome to Destine Dance

At Destine Dance we teach partner dance (some call it ballroom and Latin dancing). Our goal is to keep it fun and authentic so that it both enjoyable and extremely beneficial. This is why as well as being an excellent pass time, partner dance makes for an excellent natural therapy. Read more to underdtand why.

We have helped people who have needed physical, mental and spiritual assistance. This has been possible because it is a holistic activity. It stimulates all of what you are at the same time. Therefore, not matter your wellness challenges, dance at Destine Dance can most likely help.

But how does it do this? Let's consider each of the mental physical and spiritual benefits in turn.


Research into the prevention of Alzheimer’s found that the most effective activity was partner dance. In fact, the reduction was 76%! The next best activity was crosswords at a mere 47%. What’s the reason for partner dance (sometimes called ballroom) being so good. Partner dance requires you to cooperate with your partner, listen to the music, be mindful of what is happening on the dance floor and ensure correct control of your body. These all use different parts of your brain so when you dance you are activating multiple parts of your brain so that they need to work together. That’s excellent brain exercise, which keeps the brain healthy. You can read more about the research here and you can also learn about a man who used dance to treat Parkinson’s here.


Dance not only demands a lot of the brain, it also requires a lot of the body. You will find that when you dance you will improve your balance, your motor control, your posture and your coordination. People who have taken up dance latter and get regular check-ups have been told by their doctor that they have grown a centimetre in a year – due to working on their posture improving from dance. When you take up dance, you will notice not only your posture improve. You will feel your stride lengthen as you get practice stretching your steps. You will find yourself become more sure footed and able bodied as you practice traverse the dancefloor in proper and various poses. You will simply have better physical form thanks to dance. Because dance is enjoyable, you will also gain these benefits without feeling like you have had to work out.

Spiritual and social

Many talk about the spiritual side of dance. It is like one’s awareness expands to become greater than oneself. The reason for this is that you become aware of your partner’s actions as well. Your sense of self expands to include another person. This alone makes you feel more connected with the world. However, the benefits can expand further.
People who have danced have:

    • Become more comfortable with their own bodies. The need to ensure good posture overrides any concerns about our physical attributes, and we thus accept ourselves as we are. One student of ours can now walk upright and no longer feels the shame she was made to feel for simply having the physical attributes of a woman.

    • Learned to overcome an aversion to physical contact. Because of its closeness, essential for proper dance, you will need to be inContact with others. However, this contact takes place in a public space with others watching. It is thus a safe place. A number of students have overcome their aversion to being close to others though dance. The safety of the location allowed them to confront their anxiety head on.

    • Found meaning in their life. Dance is incredibly rewarding on a personal level. We are a social studio, not competition, so the reward comes from knowing in yourself that you can now do something you could not before and that you can get better at it. We have had students in the studio who were recommended dance by therapists after a suicide attempt. These students have now found more meaning in their life.

    • Expanded their social connectedness. The social benefits of dance almost deserve an entire section to themselves. When you dance with others, you learn a new way of connecting. You understand that others are like you and get the same pleasure from something you enjoy. Many people have found deeper and more genuine connections through dance than many other social activities.

    • Connected with their primal persona. When you dance you are in constant communication with the other person. However, no word is spoken. Still you communicate about the music, which part of it you like and how to express it. You communicate about how you will travel the dance floor. You communicate about how you will and can move. This is all done with nonverbal indication. Some say it is like hearing with your whole body. We rarely communicate like this in the modern world, but dance allows us to experience this part of ourselves.


We all need to feel alive. And learning dance can be just the adventure you need to feel that vitality. Take a look at the adventure one couple had learning to dance in the video below.

Dance and you

If you feel dance can help you become healthier and happier or even if you want to try, then you can book a free trial lesson with us. It will be just you and the instructor so you can talk about what you want from dance. You will then be able to experience first hand what it is that dance has to offer you.

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