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Focus area: Addictions Depression Anxiety and phobias ...

Tired of your annoying habits but can’t seem to stop them? Let Christopher help you by using his tried-and-tested hypnotherapy techniques.

Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Mental Coaching & Sports Hypnosis

Breaking Habits Leads to a Better Life

Self-destructive habits, emotional turmoil and constant misgivings form the foundation of an unhappy life. Destiny Hypnotherapy & Coaching provides counselling, hypnotherapy and sports hypnosis to help people online (anywhere), in-person in Newtown NSW to achieve specific goals, recognise their self-worth and ability to exceed their limits.

Replacing Bad Habits With Helpful Ones

The path to success starts with changing unhealthy habits that have been established in your subconscious mind. Without you knowing it, you’ve been doing things that hurt yourself. 

We apply a variety of techniques that lead to your discovery of what habits need to be changed in order to improve the quality of your life. First, your mind will be trained to identify situations that trigger certain behaviours. Second, we’re going to assess your actual habits, and third, we get to see the consequences of these habits.

By replacing bad habits with good ones, you’ll find it easier to cope with various issues in your life such as the following:

  • Smoking
  • Motivation
  • Pain Management
  • Procrastination and Time Management

Releasing Negative Feelings

Anxiety, phobias and depression can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Whilst it is alright to feel occasional loneliness, dwelling on it for a long period of time compromises not only your health but also your relationships, work and total wellbeing. 

Whether you’re dealing with stress, heightened fear or extreme sadness, we’ll provide you with the ideal treatment plan by employing varied hypnotherapy methods.

Achieving Your Full Potential

Did you know that even athletes and sports enthusiasts would consult psychologists before their game? 

Many world-renowned athletes rely on sports psychology to stay mentally and physically strong. No matter how confident they are with their skill level, they don’t discount the possibility of pausing mid-game because of their poor mental health. 

Mental coaching and sports hypnosis increase concentration and confidence. They also address problems often experienced by people new to sports, such as laziness, motivation, excuses, time management and weight loss. 

It’s also worth noting that these modalities aren’t exclusively designed for athletes. With increased focus, you’ll find your day-to-day-tasks more manageable and enjoyable.

Benefits of Sports Psychology

  • Increases concentration 
  • Improves technical performance
  • Boosts confidence and composure to overcome setbacks and defeats
  • Manages anger
  • Increases recovery time from an injury
  • Balances emotions
  • Regulates adrenaline production

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Qualification details

MA (communications), Advance Diploma Hypnotherapy, Adv. Dip.Fine Arts, Master Practitioner NLP, Yoga Teachers Certificate, Black Belt Karate.

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