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Christopher Michaels

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No obstacle is bigger than your determination to succeed.

Counsellor, Spiritual Teacher & Consultant

The Story of Our Destiny

Destiny Hypnotherapy & Coaching is a counselling haven in North Sydney NSW that helps people address various issues in their lives, ranging from stress management and weight loss to anxiety and phobias.

It was established by Christopher Michaels, a counsellor, consultant and spiritual teacher. Like many people, he had his share of trials and failures, which all led him to the path of soul enrichment.

Family problems interrupted his schooling, so he was already close to 40 when he finished his degree, but this did not stop him from taking up further studies. In fact, five years after clinching his master’s degree, Christopher is now taking Fine Arts.

The workings of the human mind, the structure of the world, and the evolution of each one of us have always fascinated him. His curiosity drove him to a spiritual quest where he learnt about psychotherapy and all of its facets, including Reichan, cognitive behavioural therapy. neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotic trance and traditional talk therapies based on Jung, just to name a few.

His journey taught him how to deal with the consequences of unhealthy habits and thinking patterns, not to mention emotional conflicts resulting from an unhappy childhood.

It also led to apprenticeships and workshops on Buddhism, Taoism, yoga and tantric practices. Aside from these, he went into martial arts, dance and creative arts, wherein he dabbled in writing, drawing and talking. 

Christopher considers all of these experiences invaluable as all of which contributed to his growth. Grateful for what life has taught him, he is now on the road to sharing everything he has learnt with you so that you can achieve your personal goals. 

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BA in Media Studies (Major in Writing)
Masters in Creative Writing

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