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Regain your intimacy and strengthen your relationship.

Tantric Therapy & Intimate Communication Hypnosis

Strengthen Your Intimacy

Sex is a vital component of your relationship, through which you express your love for your partner. Without it, you cease to grow together.

Destiny Hypnotherapy & Coaching aims to keep couples in North Sydney NSW together and in love by encouraging them to let down their guard and connect emotionally through tantric therapy and hypnosis.

These modalities help you see intimacy from a different angle and understand the structure of pleasure using guided imagery, focus and attention. Intimate communication hypnosis, on the other hand, helps you modify your approach to sex and pleasure.  

Sex as an Emotional Experience

Sex is an emotional experience by nature, though it requires many physical elements, it is grounded in the reciprocal exchange of emotions.

It's only natural to think that you have no control of your body during intimacy as it automatically reacts. In reality, you can control your response using the tools we shall provide.

Hypnosis separates the physical aspects of sex from the emotional ones to improve your response and heighten your experience.

Book an appointment to learn how tantric therapy and hypnosis can significantly strengthen your intimacy.

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