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Dial A Massage

Lesley Sharman

Servicing area: Greenacres, South Australia

Dial A Massage
Unwind from stress and tension of your occupation.

Relieve muscle fatigue from exercise programs.

Relax completely in the short time you have to yourself.

Relax with massage.



Dial A Massage

DIAL-A-MASSAGE has been providing fully qualified and professional massage to Adelaide residents for over 10 years.

This service is provided at your address, allowing massage to become more accessible and convenient for people interested in this form of relaxation.

The power of massage is often underestimated, it can have far reaching benefits for both mind and body.

The tension we carry around with us in the form of headaches, stiff and sore necks, shoulders, backs and often the hips, is the result of not allowing muscles in these areas to relax and clear the toxins manufactured during our daily life of being overworked, anxious or afraid.

Massage greatly assists the lymphatic system, our body’s natural cleaning facility, allowing us to enjoy healthy circulation and peace of mind.

DIAL-A-MASSAGE is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists

Health Fund rebates may apply.

For further information or to arrange an appointment call 0422 929 989

Relax with Massage

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