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Diana Hunter

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Spiritual and Intuitive HealerMedical IntuitiveAkashic Record HealingAustralian Bush Flower EssencesPersonal Development Consultant 30 years in the Healing Arts

Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Healer, Medical Intuitive & Bush Flower Essences Specialist

Servicing area

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Focus areas

Akashic records reading Intuitive healing Personal development Spiritual guidance Australian bush flower essences Medical intuition

Diana's highly developed intuition together with her bodywork expertise and deep understanding of relationship and emotional dynamics, creates a safe, supportive environment for your healing and personal transformation.

Services on Sunshine Coast

Intuitive Healing Session with Australian Bush Flower Essence– 2 hrs
Personal Consultation with Australian Bush Flower Essence - 1 hour
Wellness Consultation - 45 mins
Intuitive Mastery Program - 4 weeks

Services also by Phone

Personal Consultation with Australian Bush Flower Essence - 1 hour
Wellness Consultation - 1 hour

"My work is a unique blend of 30 years training, knowledge and experience combined with my ever expanding and deepening intuition. I am sometimes known as an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Healer, Medical Intuitive, or Personal Development Guide though I find these terms somewhat limiting at times.  As I continue to evolve so does the potency and power of my work. My experience is that people receive tangible results from one session with best results over three sessions. I LOVE assisting people in their greater wellbeing and look forward to being of service."  Diana Hunter

About Diana
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Diana has offered her Spiritual Healing and Personal Development services on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years.

Practicing as a Healer since 1989, Diana combines a broad range of healing and personal growth experience to provide you a well rounded approach to your wellbeing whether it be for your physical, emotional or spiritual life.

Diana has vast experience in the personal transformation and bodywork field. In addition, she has a highly developed intuition and is a Master Intuitive Healer. Diana has also developed the capacity to intuit the underlying patterning in disease sometimes known as Medical Intuition. Her background includes Body Harmony training and a range of spiritual healing practices and these are applied as required in her healing work. Her gift is to intuit the energy patterning that people are holding in their mind, body, emotions and spiritual life and bring that more in to balance and harmony with your desired outcome. To compliment her work Diana has also studied (since 2000) and worked with the Australian Bush Flower Essences and utilises these in her healing work either by direct consultation, or in combination with her bodywork, to further enhance peoples results.

Diana is also a highly trained and experienced Breathworker and emotional healer having worked and trained with Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationships Trainings and Vince and Yve Betar, Breathworker trainers (1988-1993). She has studied in the area of relational addiction, co-dependency and shame reduction including John Bradshaw trainings. In addition she has actively participated in womens’ spiritual and emotional healing work since 1992.

Diana’s original career was as an allied health professional being educated in the fundamentals of medicine and medical science at Cumberland College of Health Sciences, Sydney, 1979. She first learned about nutrition and health while recovering from her own personal health challenge and has studied nutrition and health over the past 30 years. Since 1999 Diana has worked closely with the wellness company Mannatech where she was educated in the cornerstones of nutrition and the burgeoning science of glycobiology (foundational nutrition for cellular communication and immune system). Diana holds a certificate in Basic Nutrition and Health from Miami University and a certificate in Nutritional Advances in Integrative Wellness in the area of Glycobiology. She is also a certified dietary wellness consultant for the purposes of sustainable fat loss. Diana's broad understanding of western medicine and nutritional health combines to assist people with a balanced approach to their physical wellbeing.

In addition Diana has a comprehensive business background including a 5 year association with the internationally recognised Robert Kiyosaki education series of finance & business training and personal development.

Diana delivers a practical and grounded approach to your personal growth and overall wellbeing.

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  • Associate Diploma (Cumberland College Health Sciences, 1980)
  • Certified Rebirther (Yve And Vince Betar Loving Relationships Training, 1988)
  • Certified Coach In Dietary Wellness (Genetic Key System, 2009)
  • Advanced In Glycobiology Studies (Proevity, 2008)
  • Basic Nutrition And Health (Humanitas International Foundation, 2007)

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