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Positive Relating

Diane Viola

This practitioner is currently unavailable.

If you’re looking for a Family or Business Constellation in Private Sessions, Workshops or via Skype, call Diane Viola from Positive Relating and chat about your needs.

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Positive Relating - Family Constellations

Systemic Family and Business Constellations are relatively new to Australia but are a well-respected choice for individuals looking for sustainable Personal Growth and healing in Europe and South America.

I am delighted to help ‘spread the word’ about this life-affirming modality that offers my clients STRENGTH, CLARITY and PERSONAL FREEDOM.

Family Constellations is a potent and profound approach to life's challenges, going beyond the surface to connect with issues at their source. One client has described Family Constellations as 'Like Yoga for the Soul'. 

A Constellation is designed to transform the context of your life, enabling the content to unfold naturally in a more life-affirming manner, releasing you from much of the struggle that has often characterised Personal Growth work.

Whether you undertake a Private Session or Workshop, Family Constellations are effective when the issue is one that has not fully responded to more 'traditional' therapeutic approaches, or where there is a pattern that has been handed down from one generation to another, or entrenched in a system; be it a family, institution or business. This can relate to behavioural and relationship patterns, as well as those associated with health, career and money.


Crows Nest, Sydney | 2017 Dates TBA

Gold Coast, QLD | Sunday 26th February 2017

For more information, to hear my podcasts or videos or to book a Constellation, call Diane or visit the Positive Relating website.


Qualification details

Australian Counselling Association Inc.

International Systemic Constellations Association

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If you’re involved in challenging personal or business relationships or would like to be able to gain clarity and improve your life overall, Diane Viola offers assistance facilitating positive relationships as a Relationship and Family Counsellor, Divorce Coach, and Systemic Family & Business Constellations Facilitator.   Click button above to book and receive a complementary 20 minute phone consultation

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Family Constellations - Making the Unconscious, Conscious