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Dianna Porter Acupuncture

Dianna Porter Acupuncture

2/184 Bong Bong Rd Bowral NSW 2576

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Dianna Porter - Beauty Therapy

Focus areas

Numbness / tingling Digestive disorders Sinus Menstruation Facial Nurturing

Qi is the healing energy that is vital to all life, and has been utilised by Acupuncturists for more than 3,000 years to restore  health. By activating Qi meridian pathways, the body is able to be effectively repaired and balanced. By activating Qi around the face utilising our clinically trailed acu-points, not only is the skin being repaired but volume is restored to define and lift the entire face, similar to a cosmetic facelift treatment.

The Art of Qi is the concentration of every Qi beauty treatment, providing an acupuncture based philosophy with needle free cosmetic protocols, specifically designed to focus on skin conditions with a natural approach. Qi beauty treatments include: lip lift, Beauty lift, neck repair, detoxification and décolletage. Qi beauty is providing a new dimension in organic and natural age control at the hands of professionals committed to natural therapies and is available for purchase both online and in-house at Dianna Porter Acupuncture.

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