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Dionne Dalton

Mount Hawthorn WA 6016

Servicing area: Servicing Perth, WA (Northern and Southern Suburbs)

I empower clients through energy management and I facilitate full energy system, property andncestral line clearings of any intrusive energy (including but not limited to; earthbound spirits, psychic attack, geopathic stress and black magic).

This gift allows you to reclaim and maintain sovereignty over your own energy, feeling free and uplifted to create the life you desire.
As a Quantum Dark Arts Defense Practitioner, I have the ability to completely clear my clients energy system of unwanted energy attachments. During this process, I safely and easily remove any type of intrusive energy that may be present and effect you in a negative way. Any type of unhelpful energy attachments are compassionately assisted with moving on, in partnership with the Light Realms for the highest good of both my client and any energies found.
Energy clearing work of this nature is quite rare with a lack of practitioners providing this service so I am honoured to provide this invaluable gift during such uncertain times.

Dionne Dalton

If you have been feeling depressed, weighed down, or lacking energy, Intrusive Energy Clearing and Energy Management can be the miracle you have been hoping for. We are vibrational beings made up of energy and due to our busy lives and with such upheaval in the collective consciousness, it is no wonder that many people feel affected.

Spirit attachment happens when another energy, not belonging to your soul, enters your physical body or electro-magnetic energy field energy field.
The electro-magnetic energy field is a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates our physical bodies and is something that we all have. The aura is designed to house our own energy, however there are times when external energies can become attached to our energy field. For example, we have all experienced feeling drained or anxious after interacting with certain people or feel affected after visiting a specific physical location.
An external attachment is an “exaggerated” version of this, where that energy “stays around” and hooks into our energy field. Spirit attachment can also afftect certain locations, or affect generations and be passed down the ancestral line.

On occasions, these external energies may affect our energy system in negative ways, and the anxiety, discomfort or other negative emotions stay with us, potentially draining our energy, causing detrimental health effects or influencing our thoughts and behaviour.

Very often people are unaware of how these energies are affecting them, as the effect can be quite subtle. Some entities and energies can have a severe impact and dramatically alter moods, behaviour and even manifest as physical symptoms.

Often times these energies are confused souls who have not transitoned to the light and are unintentionally causing negative effects. My method compassionately assists these souls to the next stage of their evolution, providing immeasurable help to them, as well as the client.

The goal of a spirit release session is to remove the energy attachment, and to cleanse, balance and restore the person to optimum health and to prevent the problem happening again through energy management techniques. It is a comfortable, safe and simple process.

Throughout the process I also help you to identify the root cause of why the energy attachment joined in the first place, as there are occasions when it is an indication that something within us needs healing so that we no longer attract these energies to us. Often, simple energy management techniques and caiming sovereignty over your energy field can ensure that you maintain strong energetic boundaries and prevents further attachments. I teach grounding and protection techniques throughout the process which is an integral aspect of mainting strong energetic boundaries.

After a spirit release/intrusive energy clearing session, my clients often notice a considerable improvement in many areas of their lives such as increased energy and motivation, feeling of lightness and a return to higher levels of health. My clients also walk away with a feeling of empowerment and the tools to effectively maintain the integrity of their own energy long-term.

As I do clearings remotely, and this is energetic work, location is no problem and I help clients from all over the world.

Along with the clearing, I arrange a pre-consultation and collection of relevant background information as well as providing a follow-up report and aftercare immediately after the clearing work has been completed.


I can’t thank Dionne enough. I was really suffering and feeling a deep sense of hopelessness and lack of energy, and since the clearing I feel like a new person."

Daniel, Perth WA.

“It’s amazing how much freer and lighter I feel since the session. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, it is life changing”.

Claire, Perth WA.

"My entire perspective has changed since the clearing and I am so grateful to be free of the attachments. I can't believe the difference and how weighed down I felt before in comparison."

Liam, Perth WA.

Qualification details

- Certified Quantum Dark Arts Defence Practitioner specialising in Intrusive Energy Clearing, Spirit Release and Black Magic clearing.

*Trained by Janet Treloar: Whose accolades include being a fantastic out of body channel and expert in Spirit Release and Energy Clearing.


- Certified Reiki Master

- Certified Meditation Therapy Practitioner

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Dionne Dalton