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Dec 2007

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Phone 03 9431 4371
Address 1
1137 Main Rd
Eltham VIC 3095
Servicing Areas Eltham, Fairfield, Camberwell, Bundoora, Box Hill, VIC
Fax 03 9431 4370

Areas of Practice:

- eating disorders
- food allergy/intolerances
- weight management
- diabetes
- heart disease
-paediatric nutrition(incl: allergies/intolerances, weight management, coealic disease, diabetes, failure to thrive)
- sports nutrition
- GI disorders
- maternal health
- vegetarian eating
- nutrient deficiency

Discover Health

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  • Dietetics Consultations
    Individual and Group

  • Personal Training
    Individual and Group

Other Locations:

- 183 Station Street, Fairfield, Vic 3078
- 1/1221 Toorak Rd, Camberwell, Vic 3124
- 46 Birdwood St, Box Hill Sth, Vic 3128
Contactable on: (03) 9431 4337

- 61 Heatherton Road, Endeavour Hills. Contact no: 9700 7777
- 149 Plenty Rd, Bundoora, Vic 3083. Contact no:9467 7433

Consulting Dietitians

Vanessa Drew - Sports/Clinical Dietitian
Jemma Watkins - Paediatric/Clinical Dietitian
Renske Dijkhuis - Clinical Dietitian
Sarah George - Clinical Dietitian
Jennifer Baxter- Clinical/Paediatric/Sports Dietitian
Connie Taylor- Clinical/Paediatric Dietitian
Andrew Ho-Peng- Sports/Clinical Dietitian
Terrill Bruere- Clinical Dietitian

Qualification Details

Vanessa Drew: B. Nutrition & Dietetics, B Exercise Science, Personal Trainer B
Vanessa has worked around Melbourne in community health & private practice (incl. 3 years at an eating disorder outpatient centre) She also provides lectures & tutorials to university students and other health professionals on a variety of nutrition related subjects. Vanessa has been involved in private practice over the past 6 years and she specialises in weight management (including eating disorders), sports nutrition, food allergy/intolerances & general dietetics.

Jemma Watkins: B. Nutrition & Dietetics, Cert. Paediatric Nutrition, Cert III Fitness Instruction.
Jemma has worked in a variety of settings including community health, private practice, country hospitals and the Royal Children’s Hospital. Her areas of expertise include food intolerance (IBS, fructose/lactose malabsorption, elimination diets), paediatric nutrition (fussy eating, allergies, weight management and other paediatric issues) & a non-dieting/mindful approach to weight management. She appreciates we all have experiences with food & life that shape our choices & she enjoys exploring the social, cultural & personal influences on mealtime behaviour. She also provides talks to workplaces, schools and other health professionals & university students. Jemma is passionate about all things food- enjoying great food & wine-without guilt & cooking up a storm.

Renske Dijkhuis: B. Nutrition & Dietetics
Renske began her career in the Netherlands where she worked in a general hospital & managed a variety of different conditions.
Renske specialises in working with people with chronic conditions & the older population, including diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, weight management. She provides consultations to nursing homes & home visits when required.
Due to popular demand, she is running diabetes groups, supermarket tours and walking groups in 2010.

Sarah George: M. Nutrition & Dietetics, Grad Dip Human Nutrition, Grad Dip Education, B. Science
Sarah has experience working with clients with chronic care needs, including diabetes, cardiovascular health, weight management, renal, liver, stroke & elderly clients. She has run diabetes groups, cardiac rehab groups, weight management groups and cooking groups. She has worked with clients 1-1 in a variety of settings (including inpatient, outpatient & rehabilitation). Sarah enjoys learning languages (including French & Italian), worldwide travel & loves to dance, sing & play the piano.

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