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Discover Chinese Medicine prescribes Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines as part of many of its treatment programs. Herbal Medicine is especially beneficial when used in congruence with other TCM therapies, including Acupuncture

Discover Chinese Medicine - Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal medicine is an integral aspect of the Traditional Chinese Medical system and has been part of the daily diet of Chinese families for thousands of years. Chinese Herbs are an important part of many treatment programs designed in our clinic and can assist with the benefits of Acupuncture - especially for those who would otherwise require Acupuncture multiple times a week.

Chinese Herbal Medicines are as safe as the food you eat every day and are prescribed either as pills, capsules, tablets or granules to be dissolved in hot water. Sometimes the traditional method of boiling herbs will be prescribed. The format of herbs recommended by your practitioner will depend on your condition.

A small proportion of Chinese herbal preparations contain animal constituents (eg. oyster shell), however no endangered species or unethical products are ever prescribed at our clinic. People with strict vegan requirements are easily accommodated for.

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