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Are you feeling the love? The bliss? Are you happy?


Happiness is our natural state of being.
We are born this way. 

Me Time

Ajna Tibetan Healing

Ajna Tibetan Healing is a dynamic type of energy healing which utilises body stretching, aura balancing, polarity work and chakra empowerment.

Working with your polarities, your left and right side of your brain are adjusted, enabling clarity, awareness and renewed focus. Your energetic channels (meridians) open up, discharging blocked energy and allowing the life force to flow through, restoring your energy & health. Your energetic body (aura) and energy centres (chakras) become balanced and re-energised, which leaves you feeling focused, relaxed and ready to take on life.

Chakra Cleanse

Did you realize that your aura becomes ill, two weeks before you do? (Prior to the disease hitting your physical body).

By cleansing the 7 layers of your aura and clearing, adjusting and empowering your chakras, you can keep up your wellbeing; mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

This treatment started by yogis in India, cleanses your 7 energy bodies by uprooting any negative vitality that you have gathered or created. The following step is an antiquated Tibetan chakra clearing procedure which cleans your chakras, permitting the energy to flow freely. Your chakras are then re-empowered, balanced in harmony.

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is an ancient method of vibrational healing which includes "laying on of stones" onto the body (completely dressed) to encourage healing. Different crystals are used for different conditions, like how a range of herbs are used for a range of illnesses.

Every sort of crystal has its own particular healing properties, vibrating at particular frequencies. Like Flower Essences, the vibration of the crystal impacts your own particular vibration, changing your negative vibration to that of a positive healthy one.


Reiki is a gentle type of energy healing that is conducted while the client is fully clothed and involves ‘the laying on of hands’ above or on a variety of body parts. Reiki stimulates your internal healing processes and removes any blocks in energy which may possibly cause disease. On a far deeper level, Reiki is effectively able to directly target and heal the disease itself, as opposed to focusing on the symptoms. Thus highlighting the reasons behind for your pain and disease. Clients have described Reiki as a radiant sensation that flows in and around your body.



Flower Essences

Flower Essences are a type of vibrational medicine that uses the specific healing properties of the particular flower. In your Flower Essence consultation, by means of the Affinity Method, you will find that every flower that you have chosen identifies with the positive condition, of the negative condition, of which you are going through. Taking 7 drops of the chose Flower Essences under your tongue, 4 times each day for one month, your energy field (aura) becomes saturated with the positive vibration. Through the Law of Entrainment, the negative is affected and becomes positive.


Ear Candling

Essentially, candling calms conditions in the head and ear region, for example, sinus issues, hay fever, snoring, colds, headaches, compacted ear wax, tinnitus and glue ear or simply as a relaxing way to remove stress.. The treatment enhances wellbeing and has beneficial affects on the subtle energy, by calming and re-energising the chakras. Treatment is taken completely dressed.



Kick off your shoes and take the weight off your feet as you float away with this therapeutic and relaxing treatment. Your feet are washed and pampered in all sections, to provide maximal relaxation. A range of techniques including the use of pressure points are utilised to give relaxation and energy.




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About Linda Ferguson

Happiness is our natural state of being… my goal is to assist you with accessing and experiencing this natural state, a state oneness with your spirit.


Come and replenish your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.

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