Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapist

Helena Valley WA 6056

Servicing area: Perth Hills, Western Australia

Chronic pain Subconscious Hypnosis
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Sabina is a leading Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapist based in Perth, specialising in healing mental, emotional and physical challenges through the proven 30 year Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT .

Hypnotherapy - Dolores Cannon QHHT


Access the subconscious for healing of chronic pain and diseases, as well as achieving overall well being. Your mental, emotional and physical problems can be solved, reconciled and healed by a proven hypnosis method developed by Dolores Cannon.


Our subconscious is a doorway into our profound inner wisdom and creates opportunities for insights and realisations. The answers and means to move beyond any issues are within us. The Dolores Cannon Past Life regression method has been successful in empowering people to solve their problems for over 30 years.


Many clients report immediate benefits in their health and are surprised at the vivid experiences of their past lives.

Some clients take more than one session to access their subconscious and gain the primary benefits they seek. We help maximise your chances with the Dolores Cannon method, arguably the most effective in generating the desired results.


All steps throughout the hypnosis session are conducted with your permission and your safety is our number one priority. The Dolores Cannon training includes detailed preparation and a process to keep you safe at all times.


Your hypnosis session is recorded and the tape is provided, so you can hear what your subconscious said and did, with regards to answering your questions and healing you.


These sessions average 3-4 hours for a fixed fee of $225.

Qualification details

Sabina Steffen is accredited by Dolores Cannon in high level Hypnotherapy with 10 years of practice experience.

"Sabina is one of the best because her warm, gentle style and meticulous following of the Dolores Cannon technique is the perfect formula. That's why I only refer my clients to Sabina and why her clients travel from the country to see her. " George Helou

Sabina is the founder of Actualise Consulting, having developed and facilitated personal development workshops Australia Wide with 10 years experience in the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. (QHHT)

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Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapist