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Donna M Martin

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Create More Fun, Joy, Harmony and Connection​ In Your Family.

Donna M Martin

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I’m Donna. A wife, mum, midwife, coach, NLP and hypnosis master practitioner, and an antenatal and hypnobirthing educator.

I work closely with expectant parents, guiding and educating them at the beginning of their parenting journey so they feel equipped and empowered to birth positively, calmly and confidently. I then help to transition them into new parenthood so they are confident and prepared for the challenging early weeks after bringing their beautiful bundle of joy home.

I also work with mums who are feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, guilty, and a little lost in their world. Mums who give little or no time to themselves. Mums who carry the weight of their family and feel unsupported and unsure.

However you are feeling today, I want you to know that you are not alone. I can help you.


  • Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Education

  • Preparing for Parenthood

  • Positive & Calm Parenting

  • Personal Self-Care

  • Online Programs

  • One:one Coaching

Antenatal Education and Hypnobirthing

Knowledge, Tools and Empowerment to Birth Positively ​with Confidence, Calmness and Connection.

As a midwife for many years, and certified antenatal educator and hypnobirth practitioner, I have always believed that the soon to be parents should have great knowledge around birth and how they can make the experience one of their most wonderful memories. The mother and her birthing partner need to be empowered with the belief that her body can successfully birth their child, however that may be. I have combined my knowledge and experience as a midwife, with my skills in coaching and hypnotherapy to bring to couples what I believe the experience of a lifetime.

I believe that knowledge and learning the skills to support that knowledge is power in itself. And even more than that the skills learned for hypnobirthing can be utilised way beyond the pregnancy and birth itself. 

When you hold your beautiful baby for the first time, you will experience such love, joy and pride in the knowledge that you directed your birth, you trusted yourself and your body. That you bought your baby into the world in a calm, gentle way. And as you cradle that precious little bundle, you will know beyond a doubt that this has been one of the treasured and special moments of you lives.

Why Choose Hypnobirthing

When a mother and her birth partner are able to approach birth with a positive mindset, knowledge, good support and tools - then birth can be a beautiful and empowering experience.

A Hypnobirthing course...

  • Teaches the birthing mother and her birth partner how to achieve a deep state of relaxation that will help for calmer birthing.

  • Empowers you with knowledge about your body, your mind, birthing, and your natural ability to birth your baby.

  • Teaches you breathing, relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis techniques, along with knowledge and tools to assist you to make well-informed decisions along the way.

  • Allows you to accept the sensations you feel during labour and therefore experience less discomfort.

  • Your partner is educated and plays an active role to fully support and advocate for you throughout your labour and hypnobirth with confidence.

  • You learn how to release endorphins which are the body's natural pain relieving hormones … reduced incidence of medication and epidural.

  • You develop a positive mindset about labour and birth as a process to be embraced and enjoyed.

  • Allays fear and anxiety about the birthing process.

  • Reduces the length of labour and the incidence of caesarean section.

  • Prepares your body and mind for a calm birth and reduces fatigue so you remain alert and energised throughout.

  • Creates a calm environment for your baby to be born into and allows for a beautiful, peaceful birthing experience.​​

  • ​There is a greater connection and understanding with your birth partner.

Classes can be attended at any stage through pregnancy, however, 20 - 30 weeks is the ideal time to start. Parents find the hypnobirthing techniques to be down-to-earth, straightforward and easily learned. Classes are structured in a way that the support partner is encouraged to attend.

Contact me today for more information.

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