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Apr 2006

Donna Stevens

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Contact Name Donna Stevens
Mobile 0409 260 459
Address 89 Old Cleveland Rd
Capabala QLD 4157
Servicing Areas Capalaba, Birkdale & Australiawide via Online
Mind - Body - Soul

Donna Stevens

Welcome to Donna Stevens - Relax Me

Do you need to relax & unwind? Here you will find a number of natural or alternative therapies to suit many of your needs.

We have therapies for your physical well being which include Hawaiian Hot Stone, Relaxation or Pregnancy Massage, Yoga and Reflexology. On a spiritual level you will find Australian Bush Flower Essences, Spiritual Healings, Reiki Treatments & Attunements, Clairvoyant Readings & Spiritual Guidance and Mediation.

Physical Well Being

Relaxation Massage

1 Hour - $80

Relaxation massage has been benefiting people for around 5000 years. Massage was often the first form of healing to be used when anyone got sick. In this day and age relaxation massage is now becoming more widely acknowledged as a therapeutic therapy and not just a luxury.

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage

1.5 Hours - $130

Today the knowledge of this wonderful tradition using the art of ancient stones has been rediscovered and people are becoming more aware of the amazing benefits and luxurious feeling of this wonderful and unique healing therapy that will send you into a blissful state of relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

1 Hour Massage-$80

During pregnancy a women's body goes through some amazing changes, increase in hormones, weight gain, altered body shape and an increase in blood volume, just to name a few. All of which contribute to, many pregnant women feeling very uncomfortable and unattractive.

Pregnancy massage can help not only physically but emotionally as well. It has been proven that a happy, healthy, and relaxed mother has a more positive pregnancy experience.

Spiritual Well Being

Australian Bush Flower Essences

1 Hour Consultation - $ 80
Remedy w Consultation - $17

Flower Essences have been used all around the world by Australian Aboriginals and Ancient Egyptians for as far back as 40,000 years as a major part of their healing systems. They have also been used in India, South America, Russia and Asia.


1 Hour Treatment - $80

Reiki is a natural ancient form of healing. It is non- invasive, gentle, extremely relaxing and re-energising.

The natural healing energy from around us is channelled through the therapists hands and directed to where the body needs it most, and because of this we experience different sensations and results that are unique to us. It heals us on 4 levels, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

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