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Donna Stevens

Donna Stevens

89 Old Cleveland Rd
Capabala QLD 4157

Servicing area: Capalaba, Birkdale & Australiawide via Online

Donna Stevens

Have you ever wanted to connect with your loved ones or your Spirit Guides?

Donna Stevens - Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing


Mediumship Readings

Donna will facilitate the connection with you and your loved ones who are now living in the world of the spirit. Donna can do this by describing your loved one, their personality, events that happened in their life, their memories of you and by doing this, bringing them to life once more, proving to you that the soul never dies. These readings are delivered with laughter, joy, deep love, and sometimes on certain occasions tears.

Psychic Readings

Donna is able to delve into your energy, your aura, and in doing so, can touch certain areas of your life and provide guidance where required.

Spiritual Assessment

Donna connections with you physically to begin with to see where you are currently at on your journey and then invite your Spirit guides or team to join you. What she receives from them is passed onto you for guidance and to help you live a life of abundance.

Australian Bush Flower Essence

Flower essences work on the body, mind, and spirit on an emotional level that brings about balance by breaking previous negative patterns that have developed throughout time and are stored in your subconscious. Flower essences will help to improve strength, courage, and clarity to help you chase your goals and dreams.


Reiki is a non-invasive hands-on healing modality that is gentle and relaxing. It provides deep relaxation and is perfect for rejuvenation. The healing concentrates on the ‘universal life force’ that naturally flows through us and the practitioner channels energy where it is required in our body. Reiki works on the whole individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by clearing out stagnant energy and bringing about peace, clarity, and relaxation.

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