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Hawaiian Massage, Reiki, Energy Healing
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Donna Tranter

Donna Tranter

Sunbury VIC 3429

Servicing area: Sunbury, Gisborne, Riddells Creek, Macedon Ranges, Woodend, Kyneton, Romsey, Lancefield, Craigieburn, Melton, Keilor, Taylor's Lakes, Watergardens, Niddrie, Essendon, Airport West, Melbourne, Victoria

Donna Tranter

Relaxing, nurturing and pampering are all words often used to describe Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage.

Set in a rural location, enjoy the gentle soothing touch of aloha in a classic country setting with a hint of Hawaii. Specializing in womens' treatments.

Hawaiian Massage, Hot Stones, Reiki, Relaxation Massage

Could this be you?

  • Do you feel sluggish, tired, not quite yourself?
  • Is your sleep, mood or vitality affected?
  • Are you stressed??? Bring BALANCE back to your life with some pampering, especially for you!


  • Hawaiian Massage (Ancient Temple Style/Lomi Lomi)
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Seated Chair Massage
  • Reiki
  • Classical Herbal Medicine (including Iridology, Bach Flower Remedies and individually tailored liquid Herbal Tonics)


  • Relaxation
  • Pampering
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Vitality
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Wellbeing
  • Prevention
  • Practical Lifestyle Advice
  • Health!

What is Hawaiian Massage?

Hawaiian bodywork originated in the South Pacific and was used during Rites of Passage as a transformational massage and healing system. It is also known as Hawaiian Temple Style massage and Lomi Lomi. This beautiful form of bodywork provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Hawaiian bodywork is unique in a number of respects. The practitioner uses their hands, forearms and elbows and moves around the table (using flowing hula and Tai Chi style movements) working with energy while applying soft and deep tissue massage. Music is played and the practitioner attunes the flow of the massage to harmonise the various rhythms within the clients body-mind-soul. Every practitioner is different and every Lomi is different as you there is no set sequence to follow. There is no 'one size fits all' approach, instead the treatment is tailored to you with the intention to harmonise, relax and pamper you.

Who Can Receive a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage?

Everybody, regardless of body shape, age or state of health can receive Lomi Lomi. Whether you’re feeling lack lustre, out of kilter, or in pain, Lomi Lomi offers excellent treatment possibilities for people suffering stress, depression, exhaustion, physical discomfort and injuries, confusion, grief or loss. It can also assist if you’re dealing with ongoing work or relationship issues. I particularly recommend it if you just want to relax!


Relaxation Massage

A smooth, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, improves circulation, range of movement and relieves tension.  The art of relaxation massage is being able to slowly relax the person while maintaining a smooth flow of strokes.  Great for general well-being.  A whole body massage.


Deep Tissue Massage

Incudes components of Relaxation Massage combined with techniques for dealing with tight muscles which are causing general pain and fatigue.  Deep Tissue Massage deals with painful conditions on a therapeutic level and may involve concentrating on a particular region of the body associated with the discomfort.  The body may be segmented into regions for treatment: neck, shoulders, upper back, mid back, hips and lower back, arms and legs.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicines are made exclusively from plants. They have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Millions of people throughout the world today are still using Herbal Medicines as their main form of medicine. Scientific clinical trials throughout the world have confirmed the therapeutic benefits of Herbal Medicines. Herbal Medicines are manufactured according to the Australian Government's Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.



An ancient Japanese form of healing. Reiki is a gentle, hands on technique used to bring peace and balance to the body, mind and spirit. Clients remain fully clothed throughout the treatment and no oil is used. A subtle form of energy balancing.

Qualification Details

Professional Association Membership:
ATMS: 19517

Massage&Myotherapy Australia 031300


Advanced Diploma of Classical Herbal Medicine
Certificate IV Massage Therapy Practice HLT40312
Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT50307
Hawaiian Bodywork and LomiLomi Massage Training Advanced-Tracey Ha'aoLakainapali
Mette's Institute of Bodywork and Personal Development Certificate Ka Huna 7
Ili ili Hot Stones Level 1
Usui Reiki Method-Advanced Level-Barbara McGregor
Diploma of Teaching (Primary)

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